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Sunday,Nov 17,2019 
By Anonymous avatar | November 26, 2014 - 11:35 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Anonymous Press Release OpFerguson

Anonymous Press Release OpFerguson

Greetings citizens of the World, this is message from Anonymous.

There has been growing discomfort over the unnecessary killings of citizens by police officers in the United States. The last method of any law enforcement should result in fatalities, and it seems instead of using other types of training, the norm has become to kill an individual instead. This is not right and this cannot go on any longer. To mention a few: the brutal killing of Kelly Thomas, the shooting of James Boyd, and most recently, the shooting and killing of Michael Brown.

It has reached the point where we are now in fear of what the future might hold for our kids, and their kids. Police officers need to be held at a higher standard; these unlawful and brutal killings must stop now. As the World has seen, there is mass protesting nationwide in America over the recent shooting of Michael Brown. We continue to promote non-violent, peaceful protests to show our solidarity for the people in Ferguson. We will not be led blindly into the night, into a police state where they condone the killing of our citizens.

The United States Declaration of Independence gives every man, woman and child the right to ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These are the unalienable rights which must not be tarnished by any local or federal law enforcement.

We are not fighting for civil liberties, a new government, or any of those things that have been fought for in the past. Now we are fighting for the right of our brothers, sisters, children. We are fighting for the simple right to live. The right to not be murdered by those who have pledged to protect us. Yes, police officers do have the right to defend themselves with lethal force, as do all citizens of America. But, they should not be in any way our judge, jury, and executioner.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

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