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By Anonymous avatar | December 9, 2014 - 01:35 | Posted in AnonyNews | Comments Off on Lorax life ‘devastated’ by charges, next court appearance in March

Lorax life ‘devastated’ by charges, next court appearance in March

Lorax a member of Anonymous accused of hacking into Australian and Indonesian websites has his case adjourned by a Perth court, despite his lawyer arguing the charges against her client are having a “devastating” effect.

Adam John Bennett is alleged to have hacked into the websites in 2012.

He was charged in May this year and today Commonwealth prosecutors applied for a further three-month adjournment because investigators needed more time to complete a forensic report.
Prosecutor Lindsay Glenn said the work to complete the report was “quite large” and involved “vast amounts of digital data and telephone intercepts.”

Mr Bennett’s lawyer Maria-Elena Cheshire opposed the application for the adjournment, telling the Perth Magistrates Court the prosecution had already had seven months to prepare its case.

She urged the magistrate to discontinue the charges and said police could continue their investigations and charge her client later by summons.

Ms Cheshire said because Federal Police had decided to arrest Mr Bennett, he was now subject to bail conditions which included not being able to fully use the internet.

The conditions were “unrealistic” and “unworkable”.

She described her client as “a man of good character” and the charges had had a “devastating” effect on him.

“He ended up being vilified in the media, he’s lost his job, he’s had to give up a voluntary position in lifesaving,” she said.

But Chief Magistrate Steven Heath said while it was “unfortunate” the forensic report was not yet prepared, the application to discontinue the charges was premature and he would grant the adjournment.

“Clearly there are matters that are more complex than the norm, and it involved a large degree of technical information,” he said.

However, he said he expected the report to be prepared by Mr Bennett’s next court appearance in March.

What is Lorax Live?

The Lorax Live show he hosts was inspired by Nelson Mandella’s, Radio Freedom that broadcast in defiance of South Africa’s apartheid policy and carried a jail sentence of 8 years for anyone who dared to listen. The show is now in it’s third year and has a roster of guests who span the globe and respective issues of censored voices and issues.

Lorax and his guests give the audience an inside view of worlds seldom seen or understood: whether it is the impact of drones on life in remote Pakistan, or effects of genetically engineered food. He has also provided a platform for supporters of Anonymous collective to speak out against actions ignored or distorted by media, like Commander X detailing how OpIsrael raised a communications network for Palestine under siege.

Want to write Letters to Support Lorax – The radio show host for Lorax Live.? See info here

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