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#ro0ted #OpNewblood A Cyber Guerrilla in Action: The man behind the gas mask | Sneak preview into my ebook

I am releasing a few books in 2015 written by me.  some about hacker culture but this is about my life. Here’s a preview of book: A Cyber Guerrilla in Action: The man behind the gasmask -ro0ted


Chapter 2.) Why the Gasmask? Who are the nameless?

Everyone asks me what current events is Anonymous following? Where’s the latest protest? Did Anonymous hack area 51 yet? Did Anonymous do this or blah blah. This may be a surprise to you but I don’t follow all those things because I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. I don’t follow the worlds current events at all. The world is always going to be a shit hole and believe me it’s only going to get worst. It doesn’t take a protest, a religious war, 100 suicidal bombers, or an extremist radical movement to make you realize we are living in a fucked up world; a battle zone. I realized that since the 90s. As years went by it got worse and worse. I mean just look around you, does anyone look truly happy? Or do you see hurt, pain, tiredness, restlessness, aggression, hunger, betrayal, regret, agony, etc. If you don’t look more closer. I’ve been noticing many things while I’ve been here on Earth. Let’s start with the eyes. The eyes have always been fascinating to me. One look into a persons eyes is like a look into what emotions are surfacing a persons mind. You look into a strangers eyes without them noticing what exactly you are looking at; for those 5mins you will notice time slowed down a bit not just with you but with everything around you. You just unmasked the minds eyes. You just saw for a glimpse what that person is actually feeling past the fake emotions they are told to put on like a new coat. Doctors, tv commercials, reader digest magazines, health organizations, the news, newspapers, etc. What do these all have in common? They tell humans in order to have a “full” and well “healthy” lifestyle they have to put on a smile and be nice to everyone. They say if you don’t you will have a heart attack one day due to stress. I believe that’s a yes/no answer. Partly correct cuz stress can kill but partly incorrect cuz if you act out, they gotta deal with you. Honestly they don’t care about dealing with you, they care about all the people acting out. When everyone acts out there’s no control. Then for the people who don’t are always mad. These are guys should be credited and more respected then the happy ones. See the happy people in most cases they are scared to be their true form because they don’t want anyone to know they cry, get mad, and/or fuck up like everyone else. They are not the nameless. They are the fakes. The ones that always get avoided. The ones you can hangout with at anytime but you just scroll past their name in your cellphone. The nameless aren’t afraid to show you all these negative emotions because they feel you don’t care about them anyways. Now you may be reading this and thinking that’s not true I gave a bum 2 bucks last month. Okay but how many people have you donated to? If it was under 20 for a whole year. Just don’t say anything. It’s okay the nameless don’t care about that. The only thing the nameless want is to be left the hell alone. I know this because I to am a nameless. Online I know I have been quoted by informationweek, dailydot, infosecmagazine, mentioned a Malaysian radio show, the United States Navy listed my group as a Web Security Threat known as Condition Zebra, etc. Online I have been given a microphone before asking to speak. I have never gave any interviews to any media that have asked over twitter or email. I don’t care for interviews. I don’t like the idea that someone makes a living out of learning about mine. Besides I am no one important. I am the same asshole you hate at your job cuz he or she is so blunt and straight up. It’s too the point where you wonder why is this person so serious? Why don’t they laugh much? Why do they look so fucking miserable? If you don’t know the answer to that, stop asking what Anonymous is doing or what’s the latest scandal or what’s the latest health concern. Just go outside not to hangout, just go sit on a bench or a curb. Look around, listen to headphone notice people walking by after you been there for a bit now notice no one notices you. It’s like they are stuck in a trance, a robot searching for it’s programmer. Look how depressed and angry they look. We are the nameless. This world with the economy dying, the US invading any country that has to do with being a muslim nation, North Korea aka the holocaust all over again, kids getting bullied, girls getting sexually assaulted by football teams, gang violence on the streets, homeless people getting moved around like trash, drug addicts dying, innocent people thrown in prison, families torn apart due to poverty, people losing their jobs, parents telling their kids lies about what they see on the news because the truth is they don’t know themselves, etc.. all this shit is going on all at once every fucking day and it’s been this way for years. You really think a protest or a riot or beheadings or radicals taking over a city tells people we live in a fucked up society? We know very well. The people are at the point where they just don’t care what happens to them anymore. They are comfortable being miserable. Hell, they did it for 30-40yrs. They don’t give a shit anymore. That’s why you see everyone so pissed off all the time. They are use to being that way. They want to believe in change but change is just a hoax, a fabrication, a myth. People have been talking about change since Jesus set foot on this Earth and you being human knows as well as anyone else. Change only lasts for a minute then change goes back to how it was before. What does this have to do with me? Because I consider myself a nameless. A random guy you cross on the street and don’t even stop to look at his face. This is the bullshit we the nameless having been fed by the mainstream on a daily basis. Our lungs hurt from breathing this fake personnel attitude everyday. This is why I chose the Gas Mask in my #ro0ted group logo. I felt like we were are breathing bullshit maybe not all but just the ones that only have to read this once to understand what I’m saying. If you don’t, then you are naïve, feel free to exit this out. Release date January 01, 2015 Price? Free like anything else I’ve posted.

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    Holy fuck I am going to read this from cover to cover. I very much relate. Thank you for everything you do.

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