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By ro0ted avatar | December 24, 2014 - 17:34 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on #ro0ted #OpNewblood Why am I teaching Reverse Engineering to the new bloods? Time to spill some beans

#ro0ted #OpNewblood Why am I teaching Reverse Engineering to the new bloods? Time to spill some beans

Why I’m teaching everyone arts against the blackhats

in my series to come in “What the Blackhats don’t want you to know” we will cover these subjects: reversing automation, reversing crypters, reversing unknown packers, reversing and decrypting communications: Remote Admin Tools (RATs), tracing botnets, memory forensics, reversing botnet tunnels (your machine is infected, the bot always has the option to receive updates, we will connect to the server with that tunnel, it’s not actually a tunnel but we will call it that), patching malware, dissecting worms, and last but not least many times when you debug a program the debugger will crash because the developer put code in there that’s made to make it so the debugger crashes. We will learn how to bypass that.

Understand this most of you, will not be able to pick up the tutorials because I will post material that you actually have to take the time to READ. I know a lot of you just want a program that does it all for you but in the cracking world, automation or automatic tools is the last thing you want. These tuts will include challenges in some of them. Right now we have to learn how to use every tool in the Whitehat Lab post I made.

If you didn’t see it, here:

This will one of the hardest things to learn but those of you that pull through will have the skills of an advanced Reverse Engineer/Malware Analyst. Lots of blackhats who I respect highly as they are friends are wondering why are you teaching them these things? Well I’ll be honest…..

First in #OpNewblood there’s nothing but repeated posts. How do you expect people to learn if they are being fed the same shit in different words? There must be a 100 posts in how to dox someone or how to setup an IRC or SQL Injections n so on…We need to grow as a community. We need to start talking about techniques that others think should be kept secret. I think it’s very selfish to act that way when you do realize half the shit you think you know about 3000+ other people know it to somewhere else on the planet….just because it’s not a popular topic doesn’t mean it should be kept secret. You aren’t a “leech” for educating someone else’s brain. In fact that’s how a community should act. Instead of sitting around hitting websites, you could be out there breaking encryptions. 


I’m tired of everyone talking about two things in today’s cyberspace
1.) Social Engineering
2.) DDoS/DoS

I much rather have a bunch of Anons being crackers instead. Trust me 1000s of crackers plus they can do their lil DDoS attacks with SE, that’s beast mode baby.

It’s time we fight back Anonymous. It’s time we put the lil kid toys away and bring in the big guns. Watch em fall like dominoes. They weren’t expecting this. –
#ro0ted Stay tuned. 

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