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Tuesday,Oct 15,2019 
By Burt Hurt avatar | December 26, 2014 - 07:04 | Posted in ButtHurt | Comments Off on A #CgAn BUTTHURT ASSESSMENT for Yukihyo

[a professional legislation by Dr. Topiary; butthurt analysis expert and part-time nigger]

Emotions that were running through Yukihyo head upon butthurt.
What initially caused Yukihyo to start acting like such a faggot.
I just wanna game!
Explanation what should happen next in order to quell the butthurt:
lizard squad needs to die in a horrible shitstorm of rape and butt sodomy know that they are the ones who kept me and my husband(whom is separated from me due to military reasons) from gameing with me I hate their faggoty ass buttholes , also cocks.

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Hail our Supreme, Glorius Leader Chairman Meow he was right as always! ..::: (All standup & applause …) :::..

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