Happy New Years everyone.  Today we will be continuing into Part 3 Ollydbg: Intro to Crackme’s       (In order) Why am I teaching Reverse Engineering to inexperienced new Anons in OpNewblood? Whitehat Lab ASM Programming Introduction Part 1 Ollydbg  Introduction Part 2 Using Ollydbg and Tracing Botnets Analyzing Botnets  Introduction Part 3 Ollydbg: Read more » 

I’d like to show you one of my favorite Disassemblers for cracking a program used in conjunction with other programs. – https://twitter.com/ro0ted/   Download   Description: Hacker’s Disassembler is a very fast and comfortable free disassembler. support for com, MZ and PE executables. going over the jmp and call instructions and to given addresses, storing Read more » 

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