Happy New Years everyone.  Today we will be continuing into Part 3 Ollydbg: Intro to Crackme’s       (In order) Why am I teaching Reverse Engineering to inexperienced new Anons in OpNewblood? Whitehat Lab ASM Programming Introduction Part 1 Ollydbg  Introduction Part 2 Using Ollydbg and Tracing Botnets Analyzing Botnets  Introduction Part 3 Ollydbg: Read more » 

Today we will using a Linux Honeypot Distro, Honeydrive. This wasn’t the honeypot I had instore for you but the fact is most machines wouldn’t be able to run it smoothly. In the next tutorials in What the Blackhats don’t want you to know, we will be covering Honeypots. This is how we target blackhats. Read more » 

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