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Anonymous hacked Police Assocation of Ontario. Fuck Corporations Fuck Governments Fuck Cowards Fuck MoneyFags Fuck LeaderFags Fuck PowerManiacs We don’t give any credit “fucking” cowards anymore. We don’t give any credit “fucking” MoneyFags. We don’t give credit “fucking” LeaderFags. We are Anonymous. Expect Us.

I thought I’d make a tutorial on how to connect to our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) more securely with SSL. You will have to make your own signed cert which I will show you how to do. After you do this you will have a fingerprint with your nick when connecting to IRC. – Read more » 

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___________ .____ \_ _____/______ ____ ____ | | ________________ ___ ___ | __) \_ __ \_/ __ \_/ __ \ | | / _ \_ __ \__ \ \ \/ / | \ | | \/\ ___/\ ___/ | |__( ) | \// __ \_> < \___ / |__| \___ >\___ > |_______ \____/|__| (____ Read more » 

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Adam Bennett has always been an advocate for freedom of speech and freedom on the internet. He used his online radio show ‘Lorax Live’ to raise awareness for these causes and spread the various messages of his guests. Adam’s voice on the radio made him a target of the Australian Federal Police, leading to his Read more » 

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On May 17th, 2015 at 2pm eastern time || 4pm GMT, we intend to have the largest tweetstorm known to Twitter as we send our love and support to Lorax who was arrested one year ago in Australia. Lorax, the host of LoraxLive on Anonops radio, has been banned from the internet for one year. Read more » 

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The history and practice of hacktivism is a complicated business. Where did it come from, who’s doing it, and why does it matter? Or is the whole discourse completely over-hyped? Join a discussion with some people who have thought about hacking and political engagement online. And come prepared to challenge what you hear. “Hacktivism” is Read more » 

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The Hacker and all the PMs Men (Part Two) I first came to the attention of Mr Slater when I read a tweet from him saying that his website,, was under distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack in March of 2014. I tweeted back at him and asked what protections he had in place and gave Read more » 

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The Hacker and all the PMs Men (Part One) My name is Benjamin Rachinger. I am nobody and that’s the way I’ve always liked it. Having been born severely deaf and growing up wearing hearing aids, I gravitated to computing and reading from a young age. It was an escape from what could sometimes be Read more » 

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