Happy New Years everyone.  Today we will be continuing into Part 3 Ollydbg: Intro to Crackme’s       (In order) Why am I teaching Reverse Engineering to inexperienced new Anons in OpNewblood? Whitehat Lab ASM Programming Introduction Part 1 Ollydbg  Introduction Part 2 Using Ollydbg and Tracing Botnets Analyzing Botnets  Introduction Part 3 Ollydbg: Read more » 

We are going to play with FTK Imager (Forensics Toolkit) & Redline a Memory Forensics utility to find Malicious Activity – ro0ted https://twitter.com/ro0ted/ So you have an infected PC? FTK Imager allows you to dump all your RAM also known as a Memory Dump. Download FTK Imager: http://marketing.accessdata.com/lp/ftk-imager-3.4.0 Open FTK Imager: Click File, Capture Memory: Read more » 

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Fuck Sabu the snitch, get out and protest him and support Jeremy Hammond! On June 20, 2015, the tech conference “Suits and Spooks” will be holding a discussion with none other than infamous snitch Sabu as their guest speaker. We want everyone to come out in solidarity with not only Jeremy, but the other members Read more » 

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Greetings citizens of Canada, we are Anonymous. Today, this 17th of June 2015 we launched an attack against the Canadian senate and government of Canada websites in protest against the recent passing of bill C-51. A bill which is a clear violation of the universal declaration of human rights, as well as removing our legal Read more » 

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Recent arrests in Italy have sparked a string of hacks by Anonymous in retaliation and to show solidarity for those who risked their freedom so we could have ours by exposing the corrupt Links Below http://justpaste.it/ls4a http://justpaste.it/ls4b http://justpaste.it/ls4e http://justpaste.it/ls4f http://justpaste.it/ls4o http://justpaste.it/ls4s http://justpaste.it/ls4u http://justpaste.it/ls4y http://justpaste.it/ls50 http://justpaste.it/ls51

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Quick tutorial to get you started using Ostel with Jitsi for private calls. by https://twitter.com/H4rv357v01d >> I strongly suggest using a VPN for all steps in this tutorial and also when using Jitsi. VoIP doesn’t work over the Tor network. Here’s a good starting point for finding reliable VPN service https://torrentfreak.com/anonymous-vpn-service-provider-review-2015-150228/ Ostel {https://ostel.co/} lets you Read more » 

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: Fuck this new law. Report a ghost pod to the Faroe Police #OpGhostPod

By ro0ted | June 21, 2015 - 19:47 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | 1 Comment

Yesterday: https://www.fppm.qc.ca/medias/images/KillBillC51.php   Today: https://www.fppm.qc.ca/medias/images/WeAreAnonymous.php   Today: https://www.fppm.qc.ca/medias/images/HackByAnonymous.php #OpCyberPrivacy #OpC51 #Anonymous #FuckSabu #FreeAnons Cyber Terrorism for 2016

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