Нами была вскрыта личная почта российского ЛГБТ-активиста Николая Алексеева. В архиве находятся свидетельства активизации деятельности внешнеполитического ведомства США по усилению финансирования российского ЛГБТ-актива. В частности, в переписке присутствуют сведения об организации информационно-пропагандисткой кампании против заместителя председателя правительства РФ Дмитрия Рогозина. Архив можно скачать по ссылке: http://a.pomf.se/hiblhm.zip Письмо спецпосланника Государственного департамента США Ренди Берри Николаю Алексееву: Read more » 

  Maybe you have looked in the Whitehat lab and have noticed many programs thinking why is he focusing on mainly disassemblers & debuggers? That’s the first road my friend. Our next road begins here in making our own https://malwr.com/ It won’t be hosted on a website, no it will be your testing ground. One of them. Cuckoo Sandbox Read more » 

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I’ve always kept this a secret but I’ve been battling depression my whole life even now way older in my adult years. In the past two years my family loses their house, family that owned that house dies. My dog that I’ve had since I was lil kid dies. And I just lost my soul Read more » 

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Lauri Love is an alleged hacker from Stradishall, England who is no stranger to government persecution. Beginning in October 2013, the United States government unsealed three indictments against Lauri in the Southern District of New York, Northern New Jersey and the Eastern District of Virginia for his supposed involvement in #OpLastResort, an Anonymous operation that Read more » 

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Greetings World, We are Anonymous. Far too many of us struggle in this cacophony of deceit that our corporate owned government institutions force upon us. We are indeed not free, but servile to financial institutions that have their webs cast upon every facet of civilization. The money those in power use to propagate your slavery Read more » 

Israeli newspaper Haaretz web-site published an article on July 30, 2015 9:12 a.m. confirming that Right Sector nationalists plan to assassinate Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Haaretz removed the article within an hour of its posting with the following explanation: ‘The article has been removed for breaching Haaretz editorial guidelines’ Fortunately, screenshots have been timely made.

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Wild massive dump appears NOW 40 hours to apologize before gpg password is tweeted, Bros! #anonymous https://goo.gl/bD59dh

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A wild massive dump appears. 48 hours to apologize before gpg password is tweeted, Bros! #anonymous https://goo.gl/bD59dh  via @CommanderExAnon

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