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Lauri Love is an alleged hacker from Stradishall, England who is no stranger to government persecution. Beginning in October 2013, the United States government unsealed three indictments against Lauri in the Southern District of New York, Northern New Jersey and the Eastern District of Virginia for his supposed involvement in #OpLastResort, an Anonymous operation that Read more » 

So your machines infected. What can you do? Well you can create a memory dump and analyze it with Volatility Framework which runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Now you can just wipe your drive but make sure you make a dump first. This is how people get caught or have their servers exposed. Read more » 

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce that one of our very good friends and fellow oper, Dennis “owen” Collins, has died. Owen died peacefully at his desk, an oper until the very end.statement on the FreeAnons Kwakel shooting meth, Lucien was 20 when she pulled the plug on 26 reds and a bottle Read more » 

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In retaliation to the shooting of an Anonymous protester (James Daniel Macintyre)  Anonymous has hacked the , leaking over 2000 user names and passwords along with other personal information. We will not stand by idly as one of our own brothers have had their lives taken far too soon over an incident that with Read more » 

Some Canadian Anons in response to the DawsonCreek shootings by RCMP of a fellow Canadian Anon, @jaymack9 (rest in peace): We offer our condolences to the family of our fallen brother, fellow Canadian Anon @jaymack9, at the hands of ill-trained RCMP officers. In response to his family and community’s repeated wish for privacy and for Read more » 

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We start Ukrainian #WikiLeaks. There will be a lot of sensitive and private information about Ukrainian politicians and their hacked email correspondence. Our first post is about MP Irina #Lutsenko and here luxury holidays at #Mauritius. More information here: Stay tuned Архив писем народного депутата Украины Ирины Луценко Итак, мы начинаем. Он – несгибаемый Read more » 

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