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A Christmas Tale of Pedophilia, RevengePorn, GayCatFishing and Fake Anons

Every once in a while a new ‘twitter Star’ emerges from the shadows to dazzle us with their LOLSkillz. The latest starlet is one GARY LAFOLLETTE aka @Anonvengexposed @Jesus1sKing(current…be quick b4 these go #TangoDown) @Anon2Hard @RevengeBeIIa2 @ISlapaho1 @Viperassassin3 @Tranny_Tara and about 90 other accounts all of which have been suspended.

He first drew our attention to his online activities when he posted pix like these of his victims minor children…

Gary posting Prich's kid REDACTED

“Two Fingers” eh Gary? Is that the kind of abuse you subjected your son Blake to resulting in you being permanently banned from ever seeing him? You’re a sick fuck Gary!

After those little gems, Gary moved on to #RevengePorn. This is something of a specialty for our boy Gary; obviously he’d rather be posting pix of young boys, but hey, terrorizing defenseless women will do for Gary…he’s a Twitter #Badass! Here are a couple of doozies…SEE HERE

Using his @Anon2hard account, Gary really excelled with the old #RevengePorn & went on a Twitter rampage. Because his accounts usually get suspended within an hour, Gary thought this account, along with the post, would disappear…wrong Gary, it’s here for ever…ANONYMOUS GARY https:/

Talking of accounts being suspended, Gary getz a mad every time; here Gary makes a #DeathThreat call to one of his victims…GARY HAS A MAD  Gary had the original youtube post removed…coz very very mad LOL.

Gary goes #Catfishing. Yes folks, the entertainment continues…after a brief look into Gary’s background we found that he likes to masquerade as a 22yo hawt chick to lure young men & boys into a chatroom…you can guess the rest GARY TROLLS FOR MEN

Given Gary’s industrious nature, it’s not just #Anonymous that have noticed Gary. Our good friends over at #OpUniteBlue have been taking an interest as well. You can find a catalogue of Gary’s (& Friends) activities here OPUNITEBLUE

So, it just leaves us to say Merry Christmas Gary…& welcome to the hive GARY LAFOLLETTE: A SAD FUCK

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