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A great queen of Anonymous to whom it was said that the peasants had no bread, replied: let them eat cake

Leaderfagging: you’re doing it wrong.

To be honest, kittens, this is one of the rare cases where the YouTube transcript makes more sense than the actual words in the interview. Still, we cannot pass up the opportunity to share this rare serving of word salad from the Queen of Anonymous, who was there in 4chan and knew, she says, everybody.

Except Gregg Housh. She told the interviewer she’s never heard of him.

You might recall Housh as probably the first Anon to get actually, IRL famous when he was outed as a result of his work with Project Chanology, the 2008 Anonymous operation against Scientology which turned Anonymous, and for a time Housh, into household names.

The premise of the interview was to get some information about actual Boots on the Ground at protests, which is the name of the forthcoming documentary from Fawkes News, of which this was to have formed a part, instead of a comedy aside. The interviewer assures us that she was on A bridge at ONE time; beyond that, he says none of her claims could be confirmed.

But who cares if they’re true? They are hilarious.

Do not be put off, humble subjects, by the fact that she dubs you A-nons rather than Anons. Don’t you know she basically created Anonymous as we know it? She was there, man. LulzSec. AmeriSec. The Million Mask March. OpUSA. Hers. We must believe, my friends. We must trust in the Queen of Anonymous.

“To be honest, I’ve never hacked a website in my life.”

I believe her, don’t you?

Bonus fun: Drinking game. Take a slug of cheap white wine every time she looks in the mirror, plays with her hair, does air quotes, pronounces it A-nons, says “New World Order” or “idea-ology,” or takes credit for something.

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