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An update on Barrett Brown being in solitary confinement

Why I am in prison for doing my job
We now have an update on the reason why BB is in the SHU, also known as the hole, solitary confinement or special/security housing unit. Thanks to everyone who has followed this situation and expressed their concerns.

Someone made hooch (alcohol) and a bunch of inmates had been drinking it. Officials came and gave them all breathalyzers, and they all passed. Then they searched Barrett’s locker (his only) and found a glass he had hidden in there. So that’s his infraction. In his defense he says that everyone was doing it but he was singled out.

* He was taken from his cell Wednesday (6/17) evening and not allowed to bring belongings, including his file of legal papers and his prescription.
* He doesn’t know how long he’ll be there for.
* He has repeatedly asked for his medication but no one is responded, so he’s going without.
* He asked for a pencil but they said they are out of pencils. He was able to borrow his roommate’s and use paper from mail he has received.
* He’s pretty sure that he only gets two phone calls per month.
* He is fine, the cell is air-conditioned, and his cellmate is okay.
* They get to have one hour of exercise time outside the cell five times per week (on weekdays).
* He is waiting for all of his belongings/property including his other books, stamps, paper and pencils. He keeps asking but doesn’t know when he’ll receive them.
* He intends to continue his writing.
* He is still receiving mail, including new books people recently ordered off the Amazon list

Write to him here:
Barrett Brown #45047-177
FCI Fort Worth
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, TX 76119

BB’s Amazon book wish list:

Express your concerns to the Bureau of Prisons here:

Read about Brown’s previous visit to “the hole” during summer 2014:

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