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Join a World Wide Global Anti Fascist Movement


This operation is about exposing individuals in white supremacists aka nazi organizations. Also disrupting nazi events whether online or offline (on the streets). Letting them know we will not tolerate their hate for ANY race because black, white, asian, mexican, turkish, middle eastern, etc. we all bleed the same color underneath our skin. We all are equal. No one’s superior. We are all human. Let’s treat everyone like they are a human. This operation is about confronting nazis on a personal level.
#OpAntifa has been re-engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forget,
We do not FORGIVE.
Expect us Hitler Fanboys.  –


Who’s involved?
Torch Network
Antifa Sweden
Global Resistance
Germany ARA (Anti Racist Action)
Italy ARA (Anti Racist Action)
Philly ARA (Anti Racist Action)
South Side Chicago ARA (Anti Racist Action)
n01d (n0 1dehtity)
Private Collectives.


Wanna join the list?
Start contributing today!
Whether you are a hacker or an activist or just a regular person you can help. Show your support and spread this everywhere. Tweet this if you are against Fascism.
Check out #OpAntifa for updates!

We welcome anyone who wants to fight fascism, anonymous or non anonymous. We as the people should rise up and tell the world, not us. Fighting fascism starts with us.
Action is our words.
Let’s make this a global (every country) goal.  – #CgAn #ro0ted

 Please visit us in IRC port default: 6667  SSL port: +6697
channel: #OpAntifa

web irc client for your web browser no installation necessary:

Here’s some people we have expired in the Nazi Origination in the past:
(press ctrl + A) if the font doesn’t appear (press ctrl + F, #ro0ted)

Visit #OpAntifa for latest updates.


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One Response to Join a World Wide Global Anti Fascist Movement

  1. May 31, 2015 at 13:52
    Bigwolf87 says:

    It seems like every day police brutality gets worse and worse with each passing day it makes me say that they give those people a batch just seems like they need to go back and take a psychiatric test all over again