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Anonymous – OpDeathEaters | Feb 13th

Greetings citizens of the world.

We are Anonymous.

In recent months, OpDeathEaters has shown the number of stories all over the world involving institutional pedosadism. Child rape, torture, abduction and even murder, including extensive child trafficking networks, have been covered up by those who are meant to protect.

They have failed the position we gave them. They have abused the privilege and power we allowed them and used it against our children. We will fight for those you have silenced. We demand independent inquiries untainted by the corrupt, with full power to investigate. We demand an end to secrecy.

The deaths of Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville in the UK allowed them to escape persecution, leaving their victims with no justice and the investigations with lost opportunities. They escaped accountability for their actions. Others will not be so lucky.

David Cameron you recently attended the ‘We Protect’ children online global summit. You mentioned working with GCHQ, and other international bodies to tackle child abuse online. Who are you really trying to protect? If only you were as passionate or willing to listen to the countless allegations of child abuse and coverups, within your government. However as you have gone so far as to call child abuse victims conspiracy theorists, we question your real motives.

These are not just crimes of child rape, this is torture and murder. These are not child lovers, they are death eaters,. They feed off the pain and suffering of innocent children whose lives they destroy or end to feed their unsparing sadism.

The death eaters in the U.K. have their counterparts in every other country and international organization. From Demmink in Holland to Epstein in the U.S., from the U.N. in Somalia to the Myanmar military in Kachin, from the ritual killings in Gabon to the disappearances in Mexico, death eaters worldwide have been preying on our children.

On February 13th, 2015, we will call on all adults with a shred of dignity and moral outrage to join us as we take to the streets. We are the media. We will be silenced no more.

We call for justice, and we will bring justice.

Operation Death Eaters is fully engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

Death eaters of the establishment.
You should have expected us.
Press Release:…

Twitter: @OpDeathEaters

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    Anonymous hack Northern Ireland political party, expose resignations & alleged sexual molestation of 7 year old girl. #OpDeathEaters

    The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland.

    The leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, an alledged sexual predator, has been the subject of complaints to both the Historical Abuse Inquiry and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Accused of sexually molesting a 7 year old child while he was the doctor on-call at Nazareth House Children’s home. Five members of the Socialist Democratic and Labour Party have left their positions amid persistent and long-term claims about the behaviour of Dr. Alasdair McDonnell towards nurses and female patients.

    Anonymous monitored how trusted party members of the Social Democratic and Labour Party made use of their contacts in the media, senior intelligence agents and establishment figures to keep these allegations about the party leader a secret. Anonymous rooted servers and workstations, injecting networks, spraying, smashing and owning EIP registers for 2 years. We hope the admin enjoys our javascript injector now, we certainly did.

    Password: ghty6Rfdte
    PIN: 5634
    Mobile: 07840342114 (2 factor auth)

    Password: mJk89Hbn7
    PIN: 6532

    Password: ghB76N87H
    PIN: 5964

    Password: Wder56S76
    PIN: 2356

    The Historical Abuse Inquiry in Northern Ireland is currently being chaired by the well-known establishment figure Sir Anthony Hart QC, the Member of Parliament for South Belfast continues rely on the arbritary strictures and a false narrative Hart is aggressively attempting to protect.

    High Court judge says woman can have own lawyer –
    Sir Anthony Hart to appeal High Court ruling –

    The UK has open files on 200 missing children from 1977 and 1983. The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to police as The Untouchables.

    The secrecy that still represses the truth about intelligence agents and Kincora is quickly spreading to this inquiry, all the time CSA inquiry in the UK is an attempt to depict a powerful cult as a string of isolated incidents of “sex abuse”. The complicit UK media is running a huge propaganda campaign to conflate torture and murder with “paedophilia” and call for understanding of“paedophilia”. This is not a group of sad paedophiles who need help and understanding. This is a torture and death cult with a powerful global human trafficking network. We demand that torture and murder be called torture and murder, not sex. This is an international cult and needs to be investigated as one, not simply as an endless series of isolated incidents confined to the UK. We call upon our comrades globally to help us investigate and demand an end to the trafficking networks with arrests at the top not just the bottom. We demand an end to human trafficking and abuse complicity worldwide.

    We are appealling for other victims to come forward and make contact with the victim groups, don’t let the establishment write your history.

    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    We are legion
    We are Anonymous