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AP needs to release the MSF Kunduz report

The murder of 31 civilians in an MSF hospital last month was supposedly going to be investigated by 3 different parties. US Mil, NATO and Afghanistan.
At a later stage for some reason this became two parties with Afghanistan/NATO joined.
At the final stage this became only one report because the scope of the investigation for Afghanistan/NATO conveniently got changed into not having mandate for researching the bombing.Kunduz MSF
Excellent analysis of the events

Unfortunately it’s impossible to review the report since it has not been released. Yet – according to their own statement – AP is in possession of it.

Quote:’ According to the report obtained by AP and to Campbell’s account, the AC-130 was sent on short notice after a report of “troops in contact.”‘

AP has a journalistic duty to publish the report. The public has a right to know what really happened.

Tweets directed at AP

It would be good if as many people as possible tweet at @kathleenatap @robertburnsAP @lynnekodonnell @KenDilanianAP and ask them to release the #MSF #Kunduz report.

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