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April fools

“Contact your own representative”~@stellacreasy MP

Jack Dromey husband to Harriet Harman PIE NCCL

Ms Perez OBE

Owen Jones of the Guardian

“they have something to hide and are going to try and stop you speaking out.”

Joe’s friends at Glos media

Malcolm Wood


@kategilson @Dasein_only He can get nominated for an honour   Though spamming is not one of the criteria.

11:25 AM – 12 Jun 2013

“You just get quietly framed and go inside for a few years. Once that’s done you lose all credibility and you are no longer a problem to anybody”

@tearsandscars Just troll him for a bit. He’ll block you, then tag u with every news channel and FBI. Thatll be it. @hausofpain @dasein_only
7:48 PM – 30 May 2013

Nickelback saved me ‏@NickelbackLife9 Apr 5
@JAHoddy dasein’s blurting his incoherent bs in every direction, as usual @PT_Foundation @TrollhunterX @benatipsosmori @dasein_parody
12:38 PM – 5 Apr 2015 · Details

The editor of a paedophile book to which Peter Tatchell contributed an article in the 1980s was jailed three years ago for child sex offences, Christian Voice has learned.

Approximately 14,500 pictures and films were found on computer disks there and at the address of two of his paedophile ring.

the court was told that more than 5,000 images were found on three discs at the Putney home shared by Parratt and Morrison after a police raid in July 2008.

Matthew Hopkins reveals Peter Tatchell’s association with PIE members, his written assertions that paedophile abuse brought 9-year olds ‘great joy’ and exposes other misguided advocates of reducing the age of consent.

The activities of PIE and their plan to legalise paedophilia are now well known. However less well known are the many misguided left wingers who, whilst never members of PIE, support their goals of reducing the age of consent in whole or in part.

Peter Tatchell is a supposedly respectable, establishment figure. A man at the heart of the campaign to lower the gay age of consent from 18 to 16 he was a Labour Parliamentary candidate and official, currently has his own section of the Guardian website, and describes himself on his website as the Green Party spokesman on Human Rights.

In 2013 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal well known ‘progressive’ barrister Barbara Hewson proposed reducing the age of consent to 13 in order to end the “persecution of old men”.

Kevin Tildsley
@kategilson Seems obsessed with paedophilia, child porn, and underage sex. Some might wonder if he uses his “investigation” as a cover.
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4:59 PM – 13 Jun 2013

@kategilson @kmtildsley Must investigate – paedophilia the hidden,protected un-investigated establishment malignancy R so it appears

5:13 PM – 13 Jun 2013
The story broke in December 2013?


“The Green Party utterly condemns those who suggest that sex between adults and children is acceptable. Children must, at all times, be protected from abuse.

Any Green Party member who advocates adults having sex with minors will be subject to disciplinary procedures, including expulsion from the party, if the allegations are proven.”

British Classics on March 25, 2014 at 12:55 am said:
Why do you give Tatchell such a long and tedious “Right of Reply” when he has his own website and gets almost weekly exposure in the Guardian, the Huffington Post and in Pink/Stink News?
People who want to read his lies have plenty of other opportunities to do so. Leftwing and queer websites do not give conservative or moral writers any “right of reply”. They regularly ban, exclude, and censor any views apart from their own. People who oppose the extremist queer agenda are now excluded from teaching, virtually excluded from the all the media and are being driven out of jobs. Yet you give more space to the people who are pushing the evil tyrannical queer agenda.


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@BreaKBeatJunkee he really has nothing better to do with his life?
2:13 PM – 11 Apr 2015 · Details

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@cpsuk @stellacreasy @citizenmaryamq @Greenpeace @hrw @HRC that was meant to be tweeted from this account #oops. Anyways, apologies
10:16 PM – 3 Apr 2015
Crazy Derp ‏lovinnickelback Feb 22
Although the idiot dasein_only believes I am the creator of ‘#ophuntdasein’ which I am not. I just used it as it helped me get him suspended
2:33 PM – 22 Feb 2014

stellacreasy @stellacreasy Apr 1
@dasein_0nly please stop copying me into your emails and tweets. Thank you.
Dasein_if_only Kate Gilson The Real Anonymous
11:30 AM – 1 Apr 2015 · Details

Nickelback saved me
Hah certain dumbasses (not anyone on twitter) think they can ACTUALLY beat me. Dream on
9:17 PM – 4 May 2015

<>Jun 14

There’s something you need to know.

Contact me if you are dasein_only.

You’ve stood on somebody’s toes – they have something to hide and are going to try and stop you speaking out.

You have my full support in your efforts, by the way.


gsoh 2004 <> Jun 15

It doesn’t work like that. No account closing or violence. You just get quietly framed and go inside for a few years. Once that’s done you lose all credibility and you are no longer a problem to anybody.
It is difficult for me to tell you much due to the nature of my work. If you knew my job, you’d understand.
The plan has been mentioned to me, but I’m not going to put it in writing.
Will contact you later when I can.

and if you tweet what I say again, I’m not going to waste my time on you.

“gsoh 2004 <> Jun 20

Ignore anybody who says “Actions are sanctioned by Section 41”.

Somebody in Section 41 would never say that. Also, nobody in that department would say anything in public on twitter. Anybody mentioning Section 41 is proving that they know nothing.

To prove I know things, here is some information for you about the Mayor of Gloucester, Chris Chatterton,
Labour Party member.

1 He got inolved many years ago when a teacher in a dispute with a child, as a result of which he hurt his hand. Claimed compensation, got denied. Went to court, got awarded over 300,000 due to the fact that he “can’t work again” and therefore has huge loss of earnings.

But, he is the Mayor of Gloucester which is a job paid for by the taxpayer, does paperwork, goes to meetings, etc, so can work really.

2 A few weeks ago his child was misbehaving in a pub in Gloucester (Fosters in the Docks) and eventually caused a waitress to drop stuff. Pub landlady asked Chatterton to control his child, Chatterton went berserk, threatened the landlady, saying things like “I can get your licence revoked”, as he prodded his finger at her. Landlady was left shocked.

3 Another Labour Party member in Gloucestor, Hoddy, heard about this, and Hoddy emailed Chatterton suggesting an apology was in order. Chatterton called Gloucester police and said he felt threatened by the email. Police visited Hoddy. Police annoyed to find that Chatterton had known Hoddy for years, and therefore claiming to be feel threatened by a perfectly reasonable email was just Chatterton trying to use the Police as a tool. Police were not impressed.

4 Hoddy resigned from Labour Party in protest. Hoddy was blamed for causing trouble, blamed by Kay Mills the Chair of Gloucester Constituency Labour Party.

Nobody in the public knows of these things. Perhaps somebody should ask Chatterton how he can work and yet have a huge payout for being unable to work. Somebody could also ask why did Chatterton call Police to report James Hoddy when all James Hoddy had done was suggest Chatterton apologise to pub landlady. Those sort of questions will put the cat amongst the pigeons !

Chris Chatterton is @chrischatt

Other people who might be interested are :






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