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Well boys & girls, it seems after our first exposé of Christmas Pedophilia & Revenge Porn our industrious little Revenge Porn star Gary Lafollette has teamed up with well known abuser of women & all round douche bag Jason Wade Taylor aka Randy Hahn . Ever the thirsty cunt, Jason handed over one of  his many twitter accounts Read more » 

Every once in a while a new ‘twitter Star’ emerges from the shadows to dazzle us with their LOLSkillz. The latest starlet is one GARY LAFOLLETTE aka @Anonvengexposed @Jesus1sKing(current…be quick b4 these go #TangoDown) @Anon2Hard @RevengeBeIIa2 @ISlapaho1 @Viperassassin3 @Tranny_Tara and about 90 other accounts all of which have been suspended. He first drew our attention Read more » 

Dear Mr Dr. ……., We have received information regarding spam and/or abuse from Please would you take all necessary measures to avoid this in future. Furthermore, we request that you send a short response within 24 hours to us and to the complainant. This response should contain information about how this issue could happen Read more » 

|==========[ :::^Hacked By Anonymous^::: ]==========| Supported in an ambiguous and imprecise legislation, the Vietnamese Executive keeps a few years ago a strong repression against political activists, journalists, bloggers and human rights defenders. – – – – –

Leaderfagging: you’re doing it wrong. To be honest, kittens, this is one of the rare cases where the YouTube transcript makes more sense than the actual words in the interview. Still, we cannot pass up the opportunity to share this rare serving of word salad from the Queen of Anonymous, who was there in 4chan Read more » 

By Anonymous | July 29, 2015 - 1:39 pm Password is “come@mebroseph” #Anonymous X

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“Contact your own representative”~@stellacreasy MP Jack Dromey husband to Harriet Harman PIE NCCL Ms Perez OBE Owen Jones of the Guardian “they have something to hide and are going to try and stop you speaking out.” Joe’s friends at Glos media Malcolm Wood ‏@woodmally1979 @kategilson @Dasein_only He can get nominated for an honour   Though spamming is not Read more » 

|==========[ :::^Hacked By Nightmare Squad^::: ]==========| It’s time to wake up in Brazil. You have slept for a long time. You feel tingling under your skin, you feel deep in your intestine. Change is coming, you like it or not. So face the corruption that is your government, or continue to live Read more » 

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Well guys i usually take my hardrives out b4 i go to bed…good thing i did…i got woke up at 3am to someone knocking on my door. It was the police…i chucked my hardrives in the fire place…by that time they kicked my door in…they confiscated everything i had…xTrinityy is a fed so be aware…there Read more » 

By ro0ted | June 15, 2015 - 2:30 pm

We are going to play with FTK Imager (Forensics Toolkit) & Redline a Memory Forensics utility to find Malicious Activity – ro0ted So you have an infected PC? FTK Imager allows you to dump all your RAM also known as a Memory Dump. Download FTK Imager: Open FTK Imager: Click File, Capture Memory: Read more »