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Croatia Government corruption and Ukraine Prosecutor General Office massive hack – LEAK – Symantec Hackers!!!!

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+ Ukrainewide “General Prosecutor’s Office” servers pwn3d and l3ak3d..+
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Greetings fellow cyberrenegades and cybertrash!

Tonight we are ready to state that we have successfully penetrated the network
of Ukraine’s LAW ENFORCEMENT and JUSTICE organization such as GENERAL PROSECUTOR’S
OFFICE OF UKRAINE along with 100% of it’s branches UKRAINEWIDE.

As you all well aware Ukraine is at war with terrorist organizations such as
DNR, LNR and Russian Government – why we have come to this devastating hack of
Prosecutor Yarema and his office is that Yarema did steal lands that were
assigned for construction of house units for veterans of Anti Terrorist Operation in
the East of Ukraine – people like Kadomsky, Iljin, Yarema, Herasymyuk, Orlov, Kupranetz
and Tymchenko have fraudulently put the land in their private property violating the
law and constitutional rights of people who are fighting for freedom in Ukraine.
Inside you will find a 1st portion of leaks from Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine –
Yarema – We want to ask question to Germany, France, Croatia authorities –
How come these corrupt government officials did get living permit and tax ID
moneylaundering their funds received from criminal and corrupt conduct?

This is a first portion in a series of leaks from the GPU, First of all in
the preview lets ask why did the GPU chief Yarema has in prosession of
of 4 mln $ in his account with AVANTBANK of Ukraine – how is it possible
having salary of less than 500$ a month? and much more inside you will find
very disturbing.

Tonight we declare war on Prosecutor Yarema and his employees who are
suffocated with bloodlust greed and corruption.

They have imprisoned an LE officer – Yegor Bodrov who has investigated all the facts
listed in this release and keep his mouth shut by threatening his family and

Dont be silent, be responsive let’s make Ukraine a better place to live!

Slava Ukraini!

We are Anonymous
We do not Forget
We do not Forgive
We are Legion…..

High Five to Jackal, Paranoia, YAN, TPB, Lulz Boys and all others who stay with us for
a long time! Truth is here and it’s that bitter! HIGH FIVE!

VIDEO RECORDED in cooperation with Lords of Dharmaraja – the Symantec Hackers!

LOD – PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!  – preview!QxUX0DTT!sLvwMCfRA70mPlaoZ83ZLkskmqoCNURySPrIR1t8RUk   Prosecutor ORLOV!4gVDlQYC!arN7QrIcMn0HMqyTLL63Gu3bGJaHTRN9vPhs_KMNiFo   Prosecutor Gerasymyuk – Pusha Voditsa stealing of land dedicated to veterans of ATO.!M8MQTBCA!3QMXnTHnU4O5cMoQJlq69pM2MhQrlHd-FEMzSy1GzTw   Prosecutor Gerasymyuk – CROATIA money laundering operations and luxury real estate purchases, Paris, Munich.!8pdDyTAI!sXFASGkpabaNQWxnloqzwwJSAHqiJklB3l7OHCSRwUo   Prosecutor Yarema – moneylaundering operations, corruption etc. 4mln USD in accounts.

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