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Germans and Slovenes in joint action to close down Schengen border.

E-mail from Slovenian defense lobbyist, known war criminal / In other sources it is stated that schengen border close down is 3 phase protocol.
First phase are building walls, second and third phase is systematically shutdown of airports in EU.
It all depends what will happen in following 4 months and if UNHCR predictions of 360.000 refugees in Croatia-Slovenia are correct.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ES TOPAK <>
Date: 2015-08-26 12:02 GMT+02:00
Subject: Initiative for immediate Schengen Area border emergency shutdown for at least 30 days, URGENT

Initiative for immediate Schengen Area border emergency shutdown for at least 30 days, URGENT

Czech Republic, I don’t have agents stationed in your country. But we are on the same wavelength when it comes to answers on a Schengen question.

Please, take information from this letter and use it. Please, call Slovenia representatives and ask support for joint operation between Slovenia-Czech Republic.

Please, forward this message to Czech representatives.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ES TOPAK <>
Date: 2015-08-26 2:01 GMT+02:00
Subject: Initiative for immediate Schengen Area border emergency shutdown for at least 30 days, URGENT
To:, informiranje <>,,,,,,,,,,,,, eudirectinfo <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, EuropaPunkt Bremen <>,,,,,,,,,,,, Ad Min <>,,,,,,,,,,, Europe Direct Essen <>,,,, “gp.sova” <>, informiranje <>, office <>,, “gp.uprs” <>

Boris Kaludjerski Matić, 367° ES

Komen 52

6223 Komen

Lobbyist for observatory group ES,
HQ member of counterintelligence Slovenian unit TOPAK
Republic of Slovenia Defense lobbyist 2012-2014

Komen, 25.8.2015

Urad predsednika Republike Slovenije

Erjavčeva 17
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Mr. President, today at 3PM I’ve already sent my assistance letter for interior ministry on immigrant question procedure.

I do not agree with today’s formal interior official standing that we can not predict security impact in Slovenia.

Please, give an order for establishing immediate interdepartmental group between internal and defense ministry and allow military intervention on Slovenian ground.

I can not emphasize and importance of WRONG interpretation that immigrants are humanitarian crisis. We have military question mixed with civilians.

Mr. Juncker gave today, 25.8.2015, speech that Schengen Area must be borderless.
Mr. President, the greatest EU achievement was made when we didn’t face combined immigration and terrorism crisis.
Mr. President, please inform United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary ( For these countries and from intelligence sources I know that are furious about Juncker position )

that Slovenia supports Mr. Juncker decision on behalf of 26 countries, but security concerns must be answered when GRENZENLOS EU is facing terrorists threats.

I need Slovenian official standpoint because I must report and inform Austrian and German security forces about Balkan situation and Slovenian preparations on immigrant questions
( Slovenian procedure protocol is horrible, I will advise changes in latter chapter of this brief document )Alagovićeva 30, 10000 Zagreb

Croatia T: (+) 385 1 63 11 000

28, rue Bois-le-Vent 75116 Paris

France T: (+) 33 1 44 96 50 71

SLO: (01) 478 6562

Hausvogteiplatz 3-4 D-10117 Berlin

GermanyT: (+) 49 30 206 145-0

(+) 49 30 206 145-59

SLO: (01) 478 6576

Rue du commerce 44, 4eme étage

1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

T: (+) 32 2 213 6337
Via Leonardo Pisano 10 00197 Roma

Italy, T: (+) 39 06 80 914 310

SLO: (01) 478 6559

10 Little College Street London SW1P 3SH

P: (+) 44 (0) 7222 5700

SLO: (01) 478 6567

Cseppkő ut. 68 1025 Budapest II.

Hungary T: (+) 36 1 438 56 00
SLO: (01) 478 6575

France and Germany does not understand Mr. Juncker statement. Today official position of Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel negates Juncker instability of understanding EU collapse scenario.

Mr. President, intelligence sources from Hungary and Croatia are terrifying. We are facing mess which can not be resolved.
Hungarian intel informed me yesterday, that they need help from Slovenia and Croatia at border crossings. We are not prepared for changed immigrant path.

Hungarians already demanded EU funds for stabilising Hungarian security breaches.

UNHCR estimates inflow of 3.000 refugees per day

good websites for additional information

Mr. President, please, watch today’s video segment of Macedonian problem and other problems from 24.8.2015-25.8.2015 : ( 25.8.2015 Migrants refusing Red Cross help 1:26 min )
( UK proposal against immigrants 1:01 min, background explanation : This is combined effort of UK and France for change in Schengen regime! ) ( Macedonia-Greece, thousands of immigrants 2:09 min )
Mr. President, please, take your time and see pictures of terror in children eyes. You are watching traumatized souls which are not able to comprehend political interpretation of refugee situation.
This is Juncker policy. This happens when great EU victory of 30 years borderless union can not face immigrant flow with terrorist threats within refugee group.
Mr. President, you are informed that I’ve lost my 3 year old daughter in Ukraine, february 2014. You are also informed that 57 ES agents were captured, tortured and murdered
when they went to save other kidnapped children of FSB/SBU intelligence family members. You’ve read my report and you’re informed that next year, 57 people lost their life, because of my

order. I’ve pressed charges in Hague for my international war crimes, but EU policy defends ES establishment and our work for security interests of EU, which Mr. Juncker represents.

I will explain why Juncker policy of leaving Schengen intact is threatening EU countries, destabilizing EU security and their 508 million citizens and allowing physical and mental abuse of war refugee kids.
But I can not explain, why mr. Juncker transferred his money to offshore accounts and why he is preparing traveling visas for his family. Moscow listens.
We must protect refugees. We must protect EU citizens. We must destroy terrorist threats.

Leaving Schengen policy intact, threatens refugees, threatens EU citizens and supports terrorists activities in EU.
Mr. President, in May 2014, I’ve contacted your security service and gave them my notes.
You’re informed that TOPAK Slovenian unit have 250 members from EX-Yugoslavia region, which are stationed in EX-Yugoslavia region.
You’ve also informed of our greatest concern about multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks in EU.
When we launched Salopek rescue mission in Egypt, I’ve had very accurate informations about Egypt situation. ES agents are infiltrated in ISIS group.

Informations about 800 and more ISIS terrorists in Europe comes from the same source, which is used as well by other intelligence agencies.

We are facing big problems. Europe can not cope with all security breaches on this level when Schengen border is open.

German intelligence analysts have the best solution for my own opinion.

We must close Schengen area and create protocols for counter terrorists measures in Europe Union. There is no other way.

We must eliminate terrorist risk. Terrorists are within immigran population.
As I’ve stated in yesterday document, Germans and Belgians demands military co-operation within NATO and EU.

EU countries must abide NATO contracts, raise their expenses for NATO preparation in EU countries and fund humanitarian crisis through defense budget of EU countries.

Without military intervention and military support, we can not create exact protocol for border crossings, we can not control immigrants movements and most importantly,
we can not observe and eliminate terrorists within immigrant groups.
Balkan region is tampon of EU security. Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary are for now very affected.
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Austria are next on the list to be affected. This is normal development of events, when Hungary will 100% close it’s borders.

Mr. President, one month ago Slovenia agreed for 250 immigrants, yesterday we’ve calculated predictions and protocols for 1000 refugees.

We must prepare Republic of Slovenia for the worst case scenario, 15.000 immigrants in less than 2 years.

Italy filled it’s quota of 20.000 immigrants this month.

Economical impact of 15.000 immigrants is at 1.2 million euros per day. 440 million € for first year.

This statement is under-rated and I’m aware and I know, why I wrote in my report smaller number. Slovenian politics can not comprehend international humanitarian meltdown.

We’ve cut off slovenian defense costs, pensions, agricultural benefits, we’ve stopped culture programs, Hospitals are in red numbers, social security of Slovenian citizens

were not so low even in 1990.

Please, Mr. President, just inform Germany and France and other countries listed above, what’s slovenian standpoint.
I’m lobbying before you with facts.
Yuncker position is devastating for EU and Slovenia.

Schengen Area border emergency shutdown procedure will be prepared from German side.

In this position, Mr. President, please take following diplomatic stance :

Slovenia supports Mr. Juncker decision on behalf of 26 countries, but security concerns must be answered when GRENZENLOS EU is facing terrorists threats.


We must do something. Open borders are Achilles’ heel.

Thank you for your time Mr. President Borut Pahor !


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ES TOPAK <>
Date: 2015-08-24 6:45 GMT+02:00
To: “gp.uprs” <>,, informiranje <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “gp.sova” <>, informiranje <>, office <>,


I: Mutual assistance between EU nations and NATO partners
II: System of financing immigration deportations between nations
III: Effective military model for terminating terrorists within immigrant groups
IV: EU collective civil model for addressing human rights for immigrants across EU
V: train/plane/car/other transportation model for immigrants GPS movement is non-existent ( and active terrorist search model is also non-existent )
VI : Plans for deportation of immigrants when war will be over in immigrants countries
VII : Effective joint NATO operation against ISIS/IS/ISIL/DAESH and other terrorist groups.
VIII : Schengen  law change because of migrant flow
IX : Effective USA responsibility before Hague court because of their crack-down of middle east or their fair-share of financing and solving EU key issues because of crack-down of middle east.
X : Addressing problems with political destabilization in EU countries because of immigrant crisis and renewal of left and right extremist parties.

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From: <>
Date: 2015-08-24 6:40 GMT+02:00
To: vjs0062746@gmail.comThis is an automated message.
Please do not reply.

Thank you for your e-mail. We expect to respond in three working days on average. For more complex or specific queries, responses may take longer.

With kind regards,

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