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Help FreeLorax Support Adam Bennett

Adam Bennett has always been an advocate for freedom of speech and freedom on the internet. He used his online radio show ‘Lorax Live’ to raise awareness for these causes and spread the various messages of his guests.

Adam’s voice on the radio made him a target of the Australian Federal Police, leading to his arrest in May 2014 for supposed participation in Hacktivism. Since then, Adam has been awaiting prosecution for a series of charges which government prosecutors have been unable to pin down.
One data breach leading to Bennett’s arrest involved a target of Australia’s controversial data retention law, which requires ISPs to hold onto subscribers’ internet activity (including social network use and emails) for two years and grant extensive access to a variety of government agencies. Even more irritating is the fact that the prosecution apparently hopes to add Bennett’s vulnerability testing of his own employer to list of charges.

At the time of his arrest, Adam was dedicating his time to his community by working as Fundraising Manager for the not-for-profit organisation Cancer Support W.A. and saving real lives by volunteering as a Patrol Officer for Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club.
When the AFP came knocking, media attention saw Adam being required to step down from both Cancer Support W.A. and Surf Life Saving W.A. – Adam’s arrest not only takes a voice away from the internet due to his bail conditions, but also prevents him from being able to help others within his local community – something which has always been close to his heart.

Adam is now facing a maximum penalty upwards of 60 years in prison for simply protesting and doing research. To properly defend his case the costs could mount up to well over $200,000. We are asking supporters and others who also oppose government surveillance to make even a small donation to help Adam while his case his being resolved. Every little bit counts to ensure that this voice does not disappear.

With great thanks,

Adam’s Fiance, Gemma S
donate-btnMore information on the prosecution and charges

Australia to prosecute Heartbleed pentest in desperation to pin charges on Anonymous radio host

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  2. July 4, 2015 at 21:50
    Streetchild says:

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