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LizardSquad Stresser is tested and is a JOKE!

ROFL LizardSquad stresser is garbage and heres the proof ^^ I mentioned this in channel and get diconnected

.:: LizardSquad iRC ::. Don’t be an idiot or you will be banned. :: Website – :: Stresser – :: Do not give out personal information :: No advertising or Posting links/IPs allowed. Break the rules == BANNED :: Next Stresser give-away at 75 users in chat.
12:51:54 AM+logicgateMy name is Edward Snowden.
12:51:55 AM+Motorolathen wtf where does 900mbps cum from
12:52:06 AM@RedactedPingmy name is sabu
12:52:15 AM~no-oneyour imagination
12:52:15 AM+banternanny69How does BITCOIN work?
12:52:16 AM+banternanny69&6
12:52:29 AM+banternanny69How does BITCOIN work?
12:52:30 AM&lolaristocratpls
12:52:30 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v thered
12:52:31 AM&lolaristocratleave
12:52:32 AM+logicgatebanternanny69: how did you get on here?
12:52:38 AM+banternanny69what
12:52:39 AM+Squeakeswho wants my ip
12:52:40 AMⓘ no-one set mode -v banternanny69
12:52:40 AM+LizardOneTwoThreelold
12:52:40 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v RACKISH
12:52:41 AM+hihihiwhy hasn’t LS done anything impressive yet?
12:52:41 AM+Motorola900mbps vs 70gbps. Big fucking difference for the 30$ im about to spend. What is it.
12:52:43 AM+dereven i know that
12:52:49 AMⓘ lolaristocrat set mode -v hihihi
12:52:50 AM+LizardOneTwoThreego youtube “what is bitcoin”
12:52:53 AM+logicgateI don’t understand how people can connect to IRC, and not know what bitcoin is.
12:53:01 AM&lolaristocratbuy de lizard stresser
12:53:05 AM&lolaristocratyou wont regret
12:53:07 AM+logicgateYou guys made it too easy with lizardpatrol honestly
12:53:25 AM+MotorolaI want to buy it lol but 900mbps wont shut down my moms toaster
12:53:27 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Paste
12:53:29 AM+eZMotorola if you honestly doubt the 900mbps buy the cheapest package and DSTAT it yourself
12:53:29 AM+logicgatethe fucking guy PMs me
12:53:33 AM@RedactedPingyou know what site i found lol lolaristocrat
12:53:35 AM+logicgatePlease end my misery
12:53:41 AM+LizardOneTwoThreethink this is why they did bitcoin is to get the stupid people out that would of attacked sites like facebook google etc to see if they could and get everybody royally fucked up the arsehole
12:53:42 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v FBI
12:53:43 AM@RedactedPingkrebsonsecurity in hexidecimal
12:53:45 AM~no-oneit is closer to 70gbit where do you get this 900 nonsense
12:53:48 AM&lolaristocratgwhatsite
12:53:49 AM+MotorolaWAIT
12:53:50 AM+MotorolaWAIT
12:53:52 AM&lolaristocratLOLLLLLLLLLLL
12:53:53 AM+MotorolaHOLD ON
12:53:55 AM+BlackHatplesk
12:53:56 AM+MotorolaREDACTED
12:54:07 AM+BlackHatplesk server port 443
12:54:13 AM+FBIHello everyone
12:54:14 AMⓘ no-one set mode -v Motorola
12:54:17 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v thered
12:54:18 AM@RedactedPinglol
12:54:31 AM+logicgatelol
12:54:34 AM+logicgatethat escalated quickly
12:54:42 AM@RedactedPingi would like to purchase that domain
12:54:43 AM+eZRIP Motorola
12:54:47 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v cwds
12:54:57 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Circuit
12:54:57 AM+logicgateRedactedPing: what domain
12:54:59 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v lolz
12:55:03 AM+lolzlolz
12:55:05 AM+CircuitHi
12:55:08 AM+logicgatethatescalatedquickly dot com?
12:55:11 AM+eZno-one don’t be a whore +v Motorola
12:55:14 AM+eZo
12:55:20 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v WEEKE
12:55:29 AM+FBIPut your hands up
12:55:36 AM+logicgate+b *!*eZ@*
12:55:39 AM+M8TheGamer^^,
12:55:40 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Hex
12:55:41 AM+HexSorry for caps. But how do you know Mr Hexidecimal? (Im motorola)
12:55:43 AM@RedactedPing6b 72 65 62 73 6f 6e 73 65 63 75 72 69 74 79[dot]c0m
12:55:53 AM+logicgateHex: we didn’t know
12:55:55 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v yu
12:55:55 AM+eZ-v Hex
12:56:06 AM+FBIHex Put your hands up
12:56:08 AM+Hexcri
12:56:17 AM+logicgateRedactedPing: lol
12:56:17 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Null
12:56:18 AM+LizardOneTwoThreecan’t tell if serious
12:56:24 AM+eZFBI don’t mike brown him
12:56:31 AM+HexWait, are you talking about the code kinda stuff as in Hex? Or do you actually know him?
12:56:36 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v nsa
12:56:39 AM+FBIHis hands ain’t up
12:56:45 AM+eZHex be talking about the hf fag
12:56:52 AM+LizardOneTwoThreek e k
12:56:52 AM+eZRedacted be talking about actual hex
12:56:56 AM+FBII will put out the glock hex
12:57:01 AM+logicgateI should be @ by meow
12:57:03 AM+FBIDont make meh
12:57:04 AM+logicgateI put in my time
12:57:10 AM+eZfbi hes not resisting
12:57:11 AM+eZpls
12:57:23 AM+nsahello everyone
12:57:27 AM+FBI*pulls out cock*
12:57:31 AM+FBII meant glock!!
12:57:33 AM+Hexoh. Because a while back I knew someone named H3X1D3C1M4L. Best damn hacker I ever met. We stopped talking sadly.
12:57:39 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v hihihi
12:57:51 AM+logicgateHex: cuz u a fgt
12:57:54 AM+logicgateHe was right onto u
12:57:56 AM+Hexpretty much
12:57:59 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v sdd
12:57:59 AM+logicgateHe didn’t want the D
12:58:01 AM+sddgood morning everyone
12:58:02 AM+WafflesWhat is the Stressers power at?
12:58:03 AM+eZHeh. “Best damn hacker” I ever knew is in jail
12:58:06 AM+hihihilolaristocrat: why did u -v me for asking a question?
12:58:09 AM+LizardOneTwoThreehe doxed you and realised you were 10
12:58:11 AM@RedactedPingx6b-x72-x65-x62-x73-x6f-x6e-x73-x65-x63-x75-x72-x69-x74-x79-x0[dot]c0m
12:58:12 AM+eZWaffles 900mbps
12:58:14 AM+logicgateWaffles: gotta be kitten me
12:58:18 AM+nsaLogicgate…tracing your Ip now… overwriting sock5 proxy..
12:58:21 AM+Hexwhy is it at 900
12:58:30 AM+logicgatensa: let me know what my IP is
12:58:32 AM+logicgateI don’t even know
12:58:40 AM+eZbecause they’re selling shit Hex.
12:58:41 AM+logicgateI need to configure my bouncer
12:58:55 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Yourmom
12:59:00 AM+logicgateRedactedPing: why don’t you buy it
12:59:08 AM@RedactedPingits purchased
12:59:09 AM+YourmomWhen is next Stresser giveaway
12:59:11 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v TheKid
12:59:24 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Bill
12:59:25 AM+Waffles75 users on
12:59:31 AM+TheKid75 users on
12:59:32 AM+Wafflesis next
12:59:33 AM+logicgateRedactedPing: By that I meant, why don’t we blackmail Krebs
12:59:45 AM+logicgateAnd redirect it to meatspin[dot]com
12:59:47 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v MotorolaHex
12:59:57 AM+MotorolaHexTotal Power Available (558 Gbps):
1:00:03 AM+MotorolaHexwtf u talkin bout sayin its 900mbps?
1:00:04 AM+YourmomKrebs has amazing software to protect him
1:00:11 AM+logicgateKrebs is mad af right now
1:00:14 AM+WafflesHow much does it hit at though
1:00:17 AM+Wafflesps
1:00:21 AM+eZMotorolaHex they oculd say fucking 1tbps and you would believe it
1:00:26 AM+eZthey throw fake numbers
1:00:27 AM+TheKidFor what?
1:00:37 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Theoffender
1:00:39 AM+eZit’s just for $
1:00:45 AM+MotorolaHexso why would I pay for 900mbps? y wud dey lie 2 me
1:00:58 AM+WafflesNo it actaully works eZ
1:01:01 AM+YourmomHow long is the Stresser give away last is it the 30 sec attack
1:01:02 AM@RedactedPingwe?
1:01:04 AM~no-oneits $5 for 100s if you really do think it works dont buy it
1:01:05 AM~no-onejsus
1:01:05 AM+LizardOneTwoThreethe internet
1:01:10 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v teamate
1:01:12 AM+LizardOneTwoThreeis a fucking stupid place
1:01:15 AM~no-onetrolls everywhere
1:01:20 AM+TheKidtrue
1:01:23 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v logicgate
1:01:24 AM+logicgateRedactedPing: by we I mean I.
1:01:27 AM+LizardOneTwoThreei read this shit and i think wtf is up with the world
1:01:41 AM+logicgateLizardOneTwoThree: the internet is polluted
1:01:45 AM+LizardOneTwoThreepeople man next levels shit
1:01:49 AM+TheKidWith dumbs people
1:01:50 AM+YourmomThe world is what is wrong human race is fucked
1:01:51 AM+logicgateIt’s a reflection of the earth’s state.
1:01:53 AM+MotorolaHexbut i dunt want to buy bitcoins and wait another 15 mins. im sad they lied. I was all nerdgasming
1:02:00 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Bill
1:02:05 AM+logicgateInternet is as polluted as the earth is.
1:02:05 AM+TheKidNot al people are stupid.
1:02:06 AM+LizardOneTwoThreewe were fine 10 years ago
1:02:12 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v thered
1:02:13 AM+TheKidin 2005?
1:02:17 AM+TheKidYeah right.
1:02:18 AM+logicgateLizardOneTwoThree: nah dude, geocities and shit.
1:02:25 AM+logicgate2005 was a fuckup
1:02:27 AM+sddgeocities is awesome
1:02:29 AM+eZMotorolaHex just go to HF like they do and find one
1:02:31 AM+logicgateIt always has been
1:02:36 AM+WafflesMotorolaHex the Stresser works
1:02:36 AM+Yourmom2008 was fked
1:02:43 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v RACKISH
1:02:49 AM+LizardOneTwoThree2008 onwards is when shit spiraled out of control
1:02:56 AM+TheKid2006 was a fuckup since Jan.1
1:03:05 AM+LizardOneTwoThreeit’s fine man
1:03:08 AM+MotorolaHexim sure it does. But i dont want to just knock someone off for 100s. I want to fry them lol.
1:03:15 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v thered
1:03:17 AM+LizardOneTwoThreewe only had an economic /collapse/
1:03:27 AM+WafflesBuy a bugger package
1:03:41 AM+WafflesThe lowest is 100 sec the longest is 30k
1:03:41 AM+YourmomHopefully everyone is using vpn
1:03:51 AM+TheKidThats when parents didn’t give two shits about their kids and chat places.
1:03:55 AM+logicgateYourmom: I hope none of those skids are
1:04:07 AM+logicgateTheKid: they still don’t
1:04:08 AM+TheKidAnd the kids were 6-10
1:04:10 AM+logicgateNothing’s changed
1:04:14 AM+logicgateNothing will ever change
1:04:17 AM+logicgateThis fucking race is doomed
1:04:18 AM+LizardOneTwoThree4 year olds now have tablets
1:04:19 AM+TheKidTrue
1:04:35 AM+YourmomLol fucking skids only retard don’t use vpns
1:04:38 AM+logicgateWe’ve been spiralling out of control for 100s of years
1:04:47 AM+LizardOneTwoThreeThat’s a 4 year old who could go into omegle and type “young” “kids” as an interested and get met with a 60 year old
1:04:50 AM+LizardOneTwoThreeshits wack
1:04:50 AM@RedactedPingno-one
1:05:06 AM+logicgateRedactedPing
1:05:09 AM+TheKidThe World is a fucked up place.
1:05:17 AM+logicgateThis channel is a fucked up place
1:05:21 AM+hihihiYou dont need a VPN to be in here
1:05:26 AM+TheKidWhen it gets to 2020,life will be stupid as fuck
1:05:34 AM+MotorolaHexlololol my gf is a thot. I got her nudes in 2 days. Im gonna hit it and quit it.
1:05:36 AM+YourmomThnx tips but you can be tracked by ip
1:05:37 AM+logicgatehihihi: if you don’t wanna be trolled on you do.
1:05:38 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Bill
1:05:41 AM+LizardOneTwoThreewe’re closer to 2030 than 2000 yo
1:05:46 AM+TheKidMost of humans won’t even now what is 5×6
1:05:51 AM+YourmomGuarantee nsA has eyes here
1:06:03 AM+logicgateYourmom: I honestly don’t think so.
1:06:09 AM+hihihiYou really think that the people with access to your IP could give any fucks?
1:06:10 AM+TheKidI see the FBI on the side tho
1:06:11 AM+logicgateThere’s clearly nothing fucking happening here
1:06:22 AM+logicgateCan you imagine data analysts having to sift through logs of this channel?
1:06:25 AM+hihihithey are here to make money, not ddos every person that comes in here.
1:06:25 AM+eZ@ no-one : what would happen if one were to leak the DB
1:06:27 AM+logicgateYou couldn’t fucking pay me enough
1:06:28 AM+MotorolaHexdoubt it. The fbi would rather take down the big fish rather than some kids talking in a chat room.
1:06:28 AM+YourmomYou would be surprised man
1:06:35 AM+TheKidTrue
1:06:48 AM+logicgateeZ: nothing would fucking happen
1:06:50 AM+logicgatewho the fuck cares
1:06:57 AM+TheKidI have a uncle who works for F.B.I.
1:07:00 AM+eZi care
1:07:01 AM+LizardOneTwoThreeThey’ve probably got a dump bot to soak all the chat but tbh nobody cares
1:07:05 AM+MotorolaHexYour uncle is a faggt
1:07:11 AM+logicgateeZ: why doe?
1:07:12 AM+LizardOneTwoThreethis shit happens all the time
1:07:19 AM+TheKidHe is one tho
1:07:22 AM+eZbecause it’s about to happen LOL
1:07:24 AM+MotorolaHexlel told u
1:07:24 AM+YourmomYa but true not disagreeing but even being here puts you on a list
1:07:25 AMⓘ no-one set mode +v Bill
1:07:26 AM+hihihiI honestly doubt that the FBI has LS on the top 10 of their list of interesting people to look in to.
1:07:32 AM~no-onewhy would anyone care?
1:07:35 AM~no-onego for it boss
1:07:38 AM+logicgate^^,
1:07:38 AM+logicgate^
1:07:41 AM+logicgate^ ^
1:07:47 AM~no-onenothing critical is on the box
1:07:48 AM+TheKidRey got North Korea tho
1:07:48 AM+hihihiLS hasnt done anything notable and thats the truth.
1:07:49 AM~no-oneor in the db
1:07:56 AM+LizardOneTwoThreenah their local fucking dominos is probably their more bookmarked site than this place
1:07:57 AM+TheKiddey*
1:08:06 AM+FBI.
1:08:07 AM+logicgateno-one: Krebs’s info is on there
1:08:07 AM~no-oneso wheres the dump
1:08:08 AM+logicgatelol
1:08:11 AM~no-onedo it
1:08:12 AM+MotorolaHexlmfao remember when america shut down the internet to north korea a week ago?
1:08:13 AM+VoidMainFunction 1:08:14 AM⚠ Disconnected from the IRC network


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