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OMFG!!! Anonymous REALLY does have a Leader!!!

An amazing thing occurred on Twitter yesterday (LOL)…#Anonymous acquired a new ‘Leader’. Yes I know, it’s summer & every 13yo and his dog are donning a Guy Fawkes mask & are ready to do battle with the forces of evil…namely, their middle school teacher Mrs Hardass who’s been mean to them all year. However, this particular ‘Leader’ is now in his 2nd summer of mask wearing (he actually calls himself an OG LOL) and obviously feels comfortable enough with the respect he commands of other members of the hive to appoint himself to this newly created position. I think it behoves us to stand tall & swear allegiance to ‘TEH LEADER OF ANONYMOUS’ none other than someone who calls himself @AnonPiru \0/ YAY for @AnonPiru all hail @AnonPiru …..LOL have fun guise 😀


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