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Owen 1960 – 2015 RIP brethren


It is with heavy hearts that we announce that one of our very good friends and fellow oper, Dennis “owen” Collins, has died. Owen died peacefully at his desk, an oper until the very end.statement on the FreeAnons

Kwakel shooting meth, Lucien was 20 when she pulled the plug on 26 reds and a bottle of wine.
Spike and Snot let their gimmicks go rotten so they died of ninja.
People who died, fucking died.
Herman doing the Dutch by a dry dive from a Hilton roof “I do not feel like it anymore, maybe I’ll see you sometime. Make it a great party”
Bram chilled off by the tough, he knew too much.
People who died, fucking died.
Chaot who blew his detonator to soon.
jay mack who was shot by the pigs.
Owen has passed on to another fight in a different place.”shit happens”
They were all brethren, and they died we salute you brethren.

He isn’t dead… he’s just moved on.Stanley Cohen

The online family of Dennis Collins has set up a public memorial page and all those who’ve been touched by his legacy are encouraged to leave a comment in the guest book. Anons and activists from around the world have shared their memories of the man most knew simply as Owen.

Dennis “Owen” Collins: 1960 – 2015
Tribute to Dennis OWEN Collins.

To honor our fallen friend, we feel that a gift of love to his mother would be one way of showing her that she is not alone in her grief. Another concern of ours is that Mrs. Collins is prone to falling and is now unfortunately living alone. As a way of not only showing emotional, but also physical support to Mrs. Collins, we would like to provide her with a rocking chair. This will serve as a memorial to our friend, her son Dennis, and to hopefully give his mother some hint of how important her son was to our community. The rocking chair will be engraved with a message that says “Forever In Our Hearts”, and a small brass plaque on the back with an Irish quote and the name Dennis Owen Collins.

Dennis’ mother, like many elderly people in this country, lives on a fixed budget and can barely make ends meet; she relied on Dennis for financial support. Any funds raised from this project that do not go to purchasing the rocking chair will be given to Mrs. Collins. While there is sadly nothing we can do for Dennis directly, we can do something to help brighten the day of the woman he cared so much about.

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