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Return to Maidan!

We are Anonymous!
Minsk negotiations adjourned. However, it does not mean that peace has come to Ukraine.
The US State Secretary J. Kerry, who visited Kiev on the 5th February made it clear to his Ukrainian partners among them to the president Poroshenko, prime-minister Yatsenyuk and Kolomoyskiy’s warlords equipped with deputy mandates that USA need a war in Donbas.
Poroshenko turned out to be in the most unfavorable position . Kerry warned him not to interfere in the affairs of the government led by premier Yatsenyuk who continues to impose order in Ukraine torn apart by the war. The prime-minister complained to the US State Secretary that persons from Poroshenko’s circle continue to make thefts from the money transferred from the West. Following Yatsenyuk example Kerry started to characterize Poroshenko as a corrupted person who should obediently fulfill orders from Washington , if he wants to survive and not to be on the dustbin of history, or in prison.
At first the US representative ordered to the president of “independent Ukraine” to ignore peace initiatives of Merkel and Oland. No concessions to rebels and Russia ! The war in Donbas must be continued until the final victory.
It is noteworthy that Kerry guaranteed to Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and MP’s close to Kolomoiskiy that the US would supply arms. He told that if President Obama would not decide by himself to make such a move, the US Congress would urge him to do this. Thus the American “hawks” are ready to skip not only Poroshenko, but also leave aside Obama. After Kerry’s visit the US Vice President Biden said the same in the lobbies of the Munich conference.
The results of the Minsk negotiations show that Poroshenko obediently complied with the orders from the US and he did not sign the peace agreement, eventually flushed it into the toilet.
It is sad but both Biden and Kerry and other are ready to throw easily their European allies into the furnace of war. As the Americans like to say: nothing personal, just business. Overseas you can just not only live through the time of war, but also become rich on it as it was after World War I and World War II.

Not for this we fought on Maidan.
Ukraine became a colony of the USA
Ukrainian people now die in Donbass region for the interests of the USA
It is time to return to Maidan. No War!

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