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I’ve always kept this a secret but I’ve been battling depression my whole life even now way older in my adult years. In the past two years my family loses their house, family that owned that house dies. My dog that I’ve had since I was lil kid dies. And I just lost my soul mate, lover, and best friend. I’m writing this because I don’t have anymore strength left to pretend that I’m fine when inside I’m dead. I will be retiring. I have been active in the hacker community since 2003. I have lost my sense of who I am mentally. So I’m writing this to let you know. I’m retired. Cgan has some of the best freedom fighters I have ever met. Doemela I love you brother. You always have had my back. I will not return. This has nothing to do with anyone online. The real world is destroying me. My motivation and creativity is dead. I love all you guys. In 12yrs I’ve hacked websites, fought censorship, even created several series of tutorials opnewblood has never seen, took down Nazi leaders people were scared to touch. It was all out of love. The depression is so bad when I look in the mirror I don’t even recognize my own face. Sail safe. I love you Redhack and YAN it was great having you guys as true friends I’m glad I got to meet the admins. I’m glad I reunited several enemies as friends again. I love you all. Goodbye until another time whenever that may be. I have deactivated my riseup and my twitter will be gone permanently soon. I’m not looking for sympathy I’m simply stating my strength to act like it doesn’t bother me and move on is gone. I have already survived cancer. I can’t go on anymore least not now. Take care. – ro0ted years active 2003-2015

p.s. if you have someone in your life even you may fight a lot, do whatever it takes to keep them because one day they might forget everything you two went through. I don’t wish that pain on any of the worst enemies. All my accounts at this moment have been perm deleted. All contacts erased. I’ll be fine. Again I love the individuals I have met but hearing things will get better when each day things go to shit I just can’t deal with that anymore. I lost a big piece of myself that I fought for three years and doesn’t look like it’ll every return. This piece made me have the strength to take the world on alone but I guess all roads come to an end.

Everything I know all secrets will never be discussed I’ll take that to the grave. No one will ever force it out of me. Fuck the gov. I guess I wasn’t as bulletproof to love as I thought.



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25 Responses to #ro0ted #Anonymous Farewell #Anonfamily

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  2. Ro0ted our encounters were brief but I see all the hard work you do around Cgan sail safe brother namaste

  3. Ro0ted don’t be shy 😛 to come for a talk, ur always welcome. I hope u solve ur shyte I know its wasted energy if u are in a situation like u now are, life has so many great moments find those and ride that flow. No dope can replace those flows the best high in live my soul greets ur soul ur the best love, peace out hope to cu around.


  4. So sorry for your loss. Your love made you real. Your friends made you strong. I hope your faith will make you eternal. All of life is progressive loss, only in the new world will time be no more and all striving will replaced by peace. You have loved, you have faith, now may you cease striving and know peace and someday see again the ones you have loved.