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#ro0ted #Anonymous if Twitter thinks I’m deadly they are sadly mistaken

I personally wanted to make this blog to kill all the rumors going on across the internet. The best one I’ve seen is Samurai Snitch Bitch losing saying I overdosed and died. LOL

Lucy I’m sorry to disappoint you but its gonna take more then a filthy informant like yourself to end me. I did say I was going on a break. That’s what I am doing. Offer still on the table you want your info released it will be several headlines if not you can just shut the fuck up with your lil highschool drama, it doesn’t phase me. Please go make another pidgin tutorial on how to create a jabber account, I’m sure that will impress someone. I understand you frequently have me on your mind and I’m grateful but its a lil creepy. Lol…I will be back in a few weeks sorry to disappoint everyone but I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. Whoever doesn’t like it can fill out a but hurt form on our page. – ro0ted And p.s. yes I love drugs its no secret. 😛

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One Response to #ro0ted #Anonymous if Twitter thinks I’m deadly they are sadly mistaken

  1. July 19, 2015 at 20:51
    Anonymous says:

    Suck dick rooted. Threats dont work. Dox me, junkie!
    I’ll ruin you.