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#ro0ted #OpNewblood #CgAn Connect to IRC more securely with SSL, add a fingerprint to your nick

I thought I’d make a tutorial on how to connect to our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) more securely with SSL. You will have to make your own signed cert which I will show you how to do. After you do this you will have a fingerprint with your nick when connecting to IRC. –

For more information about this please visit our website:

You can do this on Windows but I rather make the certificate on Linux.
I’ll be using a virtual machine, specifically vbox. Then I will drag the cert to an usb and drag n drop to the Windows machine.

First you will need to register your nick on irc:

  1. Select a permanent, master nickname. If the nickname you want is registered but has expired, just ask a staffer and in most cases, we will be happy to drop it for you. Please avoid using the name of a community project or trademarked entity, to avoid conflicts. Write down your password and be sure to keep the sheet of paper in a safe place.
  2. Register your IRC nick:
  • /msg NickServ REGISTER password

So open terminal:

Sign in as root so if you just downloaded a VM type: sudo su

Now type: umask 077

Now type: openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -days 730 -x509 -keyout mynick.key -out mynick.cert

Replace mynick.key with your nick you use in our IRC so for example I’ll use cgan it would be:

openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -days 730 -x509 -keyout cgan.key -out cgan.cert

Then it will generate an encrypted RSA private key. Enter the same password for your registered nick:


Now pick random initials for any country, let’s say EU for this one and you can leave the rest of the fields blank:

Now you have your certificate key and your self-signed certificate. For most IRC clients, you can combine the certificate and key together into a single PEM file.
so type:
cat mynick.cert mynick.key > mynick.pem

so again if I was using cgan it would look like this:

cat cgan.cert cgan.key > cgan.pem

Now press ls:

Now put it on an usb. Now back in Windows
The irc client I will be using will be mIRC.
Go to my computer:
Now after you click C:\ Drive Click users:

Select your username and click App Data:

Select roaming:
Select the mIRC folder and drag n drop the pem file you created in Linux:

Now download openssl tools:

Now open that folder:

Drag n drop libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll to where you put your pem file in Appdata:

Now open mIRC:


Click the lil hammer sign:


This will open:


Click options:

Select SSL:

Make sure your screen matches this exactly:

Click servers:

Have cgan selected and click edit:


Now change the port from 6667 to +6697 exactly like this below:

Before we connect if your network server list looks like this:

Your pem file must be renamed to exactly how the server letters are so if your .pem says AnonymousDude.pem you must rename it to CgAn.pem.
Now click connect, right away this window pops up:

And if any user does a whois on you it will look like this:

Now after you’ve done a whois on yourself copy your fingerprint and type:
/msg Nickserv CERT ADD fingerprinthere

That’s it. If you get stuck don’t hesitate to email me for help





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