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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats don’t want you to know: Analyzing Adware

Today we are going to play with adware. Ever went a streaming website and it asks you to download a plugin and/or it says your chrome or firefox/ie say it’s outdated? Well I formatted today so that’s one way I know it’s bs. Let’s actually download the plugin and analyze it. :] –


So I click a random movie and I’m interrupted by this screen:


So we download it.


Then we open exeinfoPE:


Okay see where it says EP Section: CODE? Remember that. Open up 7-zip.



Everything we need is here now how do we read it?

First we extract it:


Click .rsrc this will show us what we can see in Resource Hacker:


Remember we talked about the importance of RCData in the Delphi tutorial? If not go back n read. We open Resource Hacker:


Nothing there. Open the code file in Notepad++:


Scroll down….Don’t exit it til you know its all like that:


Now look up that website:


Now ask yourself….is that streaming website really harmless?




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