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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats dont want you to know: ASM Injecting pt 3 Crypt against AVs

In the last tutorial I showed you how to inject code into ANY program specifically making a msgbox open. This one we will go over how to crypt your .exe using Ollydbg so it’s undetectable to Anti Virus engines. –


So here’s the infected file:



Here’s what we know about the file:


Now we load it in Ollydbg.
Before we do this make sure it’s a file you compiled.
I’m using something I made for the tutorial; one time use.

Like the last tutorial find a codecave and highlight it:


So we highlight the part you want to use and right click, modify bytes:


Enter a random value, our point is to make a CHAR:




Now right under it click click assemble as we need to create a message box.
This is the format:

PUSH 0                 ; BUTTONS = <OK ONLY>
PUSH 1008751      ; CAPTION  = Our address of the binary we edited.
PUSH 1008751      ; MESSAGE  = Same like above.
PUSH 0                 ; ICON        = <NO ICON>
CALL MessageBoxA; Run MessageBoxA with the Params above.

You may notice this from the last tutorial except the difference here is we are going to change origins on where the code first executes to our CHAR instead of the old one which gets detected:


Next line we enter PUSH then the address where your CHAR is located:


Next line samething, Next One PUSH 0, Next CALL MessageBoxA:


Now click the CALL MessageBoxA one time and right click select new origin. This is replacing the old detected call with our new one.
This will not corrupt the file:


Now right click go to Copy> Select ALL:


Now right click again go to Copy>to file:


Save it how you want:


Now we rescan the .exe in Virus total since said VT detected it, now ppl say don’t upload it to VT, doesn’t apply to us cuz we can add several CHAR’s to our .exe. this is just one CHAR:



Completely undetectable.

 Scanned the next day:






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