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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats dont want you to know BE: think ur drive is really wiped?

In the last few tutorials we saw a taste of Volatility now I want to look at another Forensics tool that scans a disk image, file, or directory of files and extracts information such as credit card numbers, domains, e-mail addresses, URLs, and ZIP files…a program called Bulk Extractor which runs on Windows & Linux and is open source. – ro0ted

You can also use Bulk Extractor to see if your drive was properly wiped and see what gets left behind.

Bulk Extractor overview:

Here’s a fun fact about this powerful tool. Not only do they use it against you to extract your data during an investigation but it was designed by NPS which is a United States Navy University.

Let this be a wake up call and use this to really take your computer security serious.



Good note is it extracts information for both 32bit/64bit machines.

Bulk Extract Dev

Bulk Extractor itself

Bulk Extractor itself

For this tutorial I will use a Windows machine then the next one I will run it on Debian Linux.

So open BE:

Click Tools> Run Bulk Extractor …

This Window of Options will appear:

Unlike Volatility which only extracts data outta Volatile memory hence the name Volatility Framework with BE you can scan files as well as memory dumps and an image files:

So select a directory and select an output directory:

Select your scanning options:

Don’t worry about these settings. This is just a walk through I’ll show you how to use each option in another tutorial:

Submit run:

And for the memory sample scan it’s the same process. This is what it looks like:


Interested what you would find on your machine?
Follow my tut on how easy is it to create a memory dump of your machine here:

Depending on how big memory dump is depends on the length you will be waiting but it does have a progress bar feature that Volatility needs for deep scanning:

Here’s a detailed tutorial on Bulk Extractor:

Bulk Extractor Programmers Manual:

Bulk Extractor Users Manual:

Bulk Extractor Worked Examples:



Bulk Extractor is an old but powerful tool. In fact Forensic Investigators use this along with other tools to see if the drive was properly wiped. Create a memory dump of your machine and look for yourself. You can even buy used hdds and see what info got left behind…but that would be evil. 😛

Important finishing note each extraction test takes about 3hrs/30mins. Like I said in the last tutorial. Let it take time. Computer Forensics is the science of analyzing data.

These are some of the results I got from my memory dump:


AES Keys:


 Teamviewer IDs:


The list goes on it shows everything. Anything and everything you have ever done on your pc will be in the dump. Keep in mind this was off a supposed-able “wiped” drive and it was encrypted with True Crypt. I did that setup to show you; Security really is an illusion. –



Please check out my series on, “What the blackhats don’t want you to know” below..#CgAn


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