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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats don’t want you to know: Dissecting Adware

More adware.


The target:



Load it in exeinfoPE:


Nullsoft is easy. Look it’s going to say it’s crypted:


For kicks let’s check its Crypto I’m guessing CRC32:



We don’t need to do anything complicated. Just open it in 7zip:


And we see all the resources in the folder above it:


You can load the .dll’s one by one if you wanted in Olly or IDA Pro.

In Ollydbg go to Plugins,
Select load dll:


IDA Pro:


I found this interesting file in the directory list:


Let’s reverse the stub….
Just open it in Notepad++:



You can read the Nullsoft stub source here:

And that my friends is how you rip apart Adware….in a jiffy. –





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