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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats dont want you to know: Hackers Disassembler

I’d like to show you one of my favorite Disassemblers for cracking a program used in conjunction with other programs. –





Hacker’s Disassembler is a very fast and comfortable free disassembler.

support for com, MZ and PE executables.
going over the jmp and call instructions and to given addresses, storing addresses in history.
recognizing references to strings, dialog and menus.
recognizing calls of imported functions.
information about exported functions.
custom hotkeys and colors, syntax highlighting.
“Trace mode”.
giving names to the procedures and global variables.
opening files using drag-and-drop.
saving text fragments.

The program:


Let’s load our target:



Simple straight to the point.
Click References>Strings:


Let’s point out the promising strings:


Which one of these can you guess is a nag screen?


So it’s important to take some notes.
Open Notepad++:


You may be wondering why is this necessary?
Because HDasm is just a disassembler meaning you can’t edit shit with it.

You may be also asking Why don’t you just do a string reference search in Olly?
Because you won’t find anything interesting. Already did.

Now let’s open Resource Hacker.
Okay go to the string module:

Open Ollydbg:
Search for constant
First one 101, we come here:

As we can see that’s just part of the message. That message is a nag screen remind you which day you are on.
Next constant is 102
We come here:


Next constant is 103:


Next constant is 105:


Next constant is 106:


Let’s focus on constant 101 & 102:
Edit the Push values.





Okay so this wasn’t meant to be a crack mIRC tut. I just wanted to show you Hdasm.





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