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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the blackhats don’t want you to know: Manually unpacking in Olly

This is how to manually unpack with Ollydbg using the Ollydump plugin. – ro0ted


Ollydump should be in this the thread:


As soon as we load packed file we get this screen:


After that we select Yes.
Go to Plugins>Ollydump:


Then we get this screen:


UPX is the packer used here.
Double check in exeinfoPE:


So now we need to find the OEP.
You learned in my last tuts…OEP = Original Entry Point.

Toggle a break point on 004082AF we dont want to trace the decompress routine of it. Now press play.
Then press F8.


We stop here…12c0 is the OEP.
Now go back to plugins>Ollydump>Debugged Processes:


Now we load it in exeinfoPE:



Basically gotta find the offset of the OEP.






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