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#ro0ted #OpNewblood What the Blackhats don’t want you to know: Register this product; Reversing Pt 1

Before I can post my new crackme for the contest since no one has cracked my crackme that was written in Visual Basic…it’s depressing no one managed to crack it. VB is amateur level of easy. So I put together one in MASM. Before I post it let’s go over a couple examples. This tutorial is 1 example. –


~ Consider this a lecture. Enter spectator mode. Pay attention if you want to crack my crackme and enter a chance to win our gas mask gift pack. I will post several methods/techniques of how to crack serials all today/tomorrow. ~




Run the crackme in Ollydbg.




What do we do as always? Search for all referenced strings:








Lots of my readers email me with JNZ errors so let’s change the Call to 004010AA which is the correct msgbox:

So before we do that let me show you what’s going on here with JNZ and the calls and how the code executes when you enter the wrong serial.


So we edit the call where the JNZ jumps to right click the call and click assemble.



See how it says not registered? Simple fix. Edit the push in assemble wrong one to the correct one:


Now run the program.


Conclusion this is obvious the worst way and/or wrong way to apply a patch a program but we did learn if you have problems with editing JNZ’s which a lot of my readers have emailed me about you can edit the calls, pushes. My point is everything on your screen editable.





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