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Sabutage like a cancer

You’ve gesnitcht in my life
Never asked if it’s ok for me (No!)
You wanted to just talk and nothing else
Did my ‘head fucked with problems
Take all W-wanted what I (had)
Wa-wait until my ego breaks (rat)
Stolen years of my life

I tried to fight but it did not work
No matter how many times I said: “Fuck off!”
You hold me in your hands like a child
Before I burst you appease me
Cause you know ..

You’re like a tumor
I’ll never get rid of you
No, it’s too late
I stayed too long but cool
It’s over
You just keeps on growing
For you are like a tumor
I’ve waited too long now it’s too late
I am quiet for too long yet
It’s over
You grows and grows and grows and grows

“You grow, quickly evolve
You grow, you grow, you grow, you grow
Never let me go again …. ”

You said it’s love but I
Saw you only benefit of profit nothing else
I’ll see you bright the appear in the pictures’
Your black soul has NEN silver certificate
You’ve checked me with tactics
As a victim, that can pull
When I met you I was weak and unstable
Now I look at how I lose my brain

My friend you have triumphed
The resistance diminishes
My will is lost
You managed
My bills in your robots
Your powder in my blood
Your flowers in paper
Lungs full of soot
My heart in red light
My heritage is swallowed
Your cross without magic
Away from my chest
My friend you have triumphed
Take what you want
Inside I am dead
But the shell works
The colorful pills have triumphed
The powder has triumphed
Flashing numbers have triumphed
Such as a tumor ..

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