What is a taxonomy?

Taxonomy is one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a taxonomy is a way to group things together.

For example, I might have a bunch of different types of animals. I can group them together according to various characteristics and then assign those groups names. This is something most people encounter in biology classes, and it is known as the Linnaean Taxonomy.

Taxonomy of CyberGuerrilla:

#OpBolivarDevaluado #OpSingleGateway 70P9A3RL1vE 2015 AACC AATP Abuse Victims Adam John Bennett Adblock Plus Aken Alex Poucher AliMohammedAlNimr Anarchism Anarchy anonblock AnonDown Anonimity AnonIRC AnonSec AnonUKRadio Anonymous Anonymous Portugal AnonymousSTFU Anonymous STFU Anonymous Venezuela AntiAuthoritarian Antifa AntiSec ApacheTribe AttentionWhore Axel Springer Barrett Brown Base democracy BassemMasri Bill C51 Brazil ButtHurt C-51 C51 C51onTrial CamWhore Canada CCC cDc CgAn Christodoulos Xiros CIAemails CISA CoffeeSec CoffeeSec Lulz CommanderX cop21 corruption CoupD'état Courage cryptostorm CWA CYBERCOM cYbergueRrilLa AnonyMous NeXus cyberterrorists cyberware darrien darrienhunt DawsonCreek Decentralized Deface DefenseFund DemonstratieRecht Desaparecidos Die Antwoord Dirtypolitics DNR DoD DONKER MAG EU EuApoioOs23 EuroDiVision Eurozone crisis FBI Ferguson Fidel Salinas forthelulz france FreeAken FreeAnonBR FreeAnons FreeAnonsTV FreeBarrettBrown FreeLorax Free Love FreeMattDeHart FreeOtherWise FreeSpeech FreeZone9Bloggers Fuck de koning FuckFridaySabutage FuckSabu Fuck USA GayCatFishing GCHQ Georgia(country) GlobalClimateMarch government Greece Grexit GuerrillaCampaign Guide Haaretz Hack Africa hacking HaCkInG TeAm Hacktivism Hanni Fakhoury HRADF Human Trafficking IMF Internet Censorship Ireland Irina Lutsenko ISIS Israel jaymack9 JeSuisBarrett journalism JuiceRapNews JusticeForFreddieGray killercops Kobane Kunduz KYanonymous Laurie Love LeaderFag leaked LizardSquad Lorax LoraxLive LoraxLiveAnonymousRadio LoraxLives Lulz LulzSec Maidan mama Manifesto Matt DeHart Million Mask March millionmaskmarch MMM2015 MSF New Zealand Nov5th Nov17 NSA Onion OpAnonDown OpAntifa OpBaltimore OpBillC51 OpC51 OpChina OpCyberPrivacy OpDDD OpDeathEaters OperationAfrica OperationFenix operation green rights OperationGreenRights OperationSA OpGPII OpGreenRights OpIsrael Opisrael2015 OpItaly OpMonsanto OpNASADrones OpNewBlood OpNimr OpNoCensor OpNov5 OpPayBack OpPayPal OpTestet OpTurkey OpUnited Otherwise Owen PayPal14 Pedophilia PITBULL TERRIER Poland Politics Poroshenko POW Privacy PRnewsWire ProjectPM PWC RAF RatInTheKitchen RedHack reform Remi Fraisse report revenge porn RevengePorn Revolt Revolutionary Organisation Right Sector RIP RO ro0ted Rojava Rubicon Russia Saakashvili Sabu Sabutage Saudi Arabia Save Net Neutrality ScanBox II Search Engine SIGINT SIGINTSEU Sivens Society solidarity Spain SSU Stanley Cohen stopthekilling Stop Watching US Suits and Spooks Syria Szydło T0pG3arLive Tactical Intelligence Bulletin Tajikistan Terrorism thailand Tor Tor Ekeland Toronto Crypto TPP TroLoloLO TTIP TurkeyblocksTwitter Twitter. Totale Krieg TwitterHurricane TwitterisblockedinTurkey Ukraine Ukraine Popov Oligarch Ukrainian UkrLeaks ULF Ulrike Meinhof UpTheRebels US USAID utah Venezuela Vietnam VoIP voxanon WakeUp WikiLeaks WINRARrr world trade organisation YaCy Yemen ıtaly