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Ulrike Sister of Che


                                  Echo of some sounds don't diminish in time,
               some raspy sounds hangs like screams in the ceiling of the world.
                                  Ulrike was resisting to not being a pop icon, the history, 
what makes meaningless the revolutionist symbols in the name of massing, 
                     can't touch in any way, 
         because Sister Ulrike preponderates over white conformists who plays revolutionary, 
                                 Ulrike is barbed, 
                                             this sound is ear-splitting, 
                  you cant modulate by hook or by crook. 
    Then Ulrike evokes me a cliff, renunciation of no return, a plosive change, 
                                 throws to my face the abjection of temptation, 
    scare me to being look like the world and I could understand certain gesticulation's 
                     mean when i measured with her measurements; 
I could understand what is being like a knife, Ulrike will not be silence.
                    That comes over very much revolutionary figures, independent of them, 
                                           system rasps their marginal sides and adapts them after them, 
             their posters are hanged everywhere, they are reached love with a good state and revolutionaries, 
           who think themselves important, provide fuel to softening of these symbols. 
                         That is an operation what is tried to practice for all marginals of history, 
                    transformation subjects to loved subjects by everybody is a way what is effacing of a thing. 
Raspy side of their speech are lost in the shuffle by sticking a kind of timeless cuteness, 
                          reducing with reproduce facsimiles, because there is a thing, 
          devaluations meanings, in every inflation.
Ulrike never ensconce, never fit into concordant frames, shines frames, scares sovereigns. 
                           Ulrike sustains to threaten.  
                 You can't adjoin Ulrike with your democracy game, 
                                                your nationalism and patriotism, 
                If you didn't understand the explosion in her, your all experiences are gone for nothing. 
                             Ulrike shows you that your weak resistances are just a kind of playing cowboy.
                Ulrike will not keep quiet, until end of bloody history's bargains, 
            until system's dirty legitimacy to be perceived as crime, 
                      until you comprehend temptation what is up to your neck is dirt,
              until this damn world will be demolish and reconstructed, 
                                                      will not keep quiet. 
          She will sustain to discomfort everybody, will resist to not being subject in struggle bazaar, 
                                                 because she had fell like a Molotov in the world.

Ulrike will not be silent!

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