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US participate in subversive act against Yemen

Arab hackers have hacked U.S. – Saudi Arabia “Vinnell Arabia” private military company’s database. We can see from the leaked documents the U.S. military instructors from “Vinnell Arabia” for a very long time have been training Saudis to kill innocent people of Yemen.

The documents of “Vinnell Arabia” are uploaded here:

For a very long time the Americans took part in the preparation of the aggression against Yemen.
One of the main goals is the weakling Iran’s influence on the Arab countries. Washington uses intense situation in the region as a cover to interfere other countries’ business.
Now the U.S. government has shown its true colors. It was clear from the very first moment that our country and the democracy are the antonyms. The USA pursues policy of double standards to other countries, as well as to their own citizens. The main goal of our government is concuss us and the rest of the world. They consider we are cattle which can be controlled by fear.

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