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We are all 1! How we differ is only what we can bring to the table, but we move as 1.

Greetings brothers and sisters

With years of memorable operations Anonymous has brought attention to issues that were in dire need of support.
Anonymous stood strong within the public eye, and we took on governments that we as normal everyday citizens would have never thought of going against.
These operations are amongst others:
⁃ operation Syria,
⁃ operation PayBack,
⁃ operation PayPal;
⁃ operation Defense;
⁃ operation Egypt;

These Operations and many more had one thing in common, solidarity between all Anons worldwide, all lending a helping hand to their fellow Anons, no fighting, no bickering and no Egos.
With such Operations where we have come together, we have confronted the corrupt governments worldwide.
From Egypt to Ferguson, From Syria to New York, together we have proven to be the iron fist of the internet.

With the arrests of fellow Anons and growing suspicions of people turning on each other. We have to let the world see we can be easily discouraged from our main goals by simply turning on each other;

Not only have long time friends become enemies; but we have also steered possible new Blood from wanting to join.
Do not forget where we come from; Do Not forget why we fight; Do not forget the people who we have helped along the lines.

We have to honour:
the love;
the light:
the truth;

With these in our hearts we have to become teachers of others, give guidance to those who seek it.
Let us show support to all who embrace the same values as us.
At some time we were all novices, and tried to find truths. Let us help each other.

We are all one!
how we differ is only what we can bring to the table, but we move as one.
Do not let your ego or the ego of someone else get in the way of who and what we are. Respecting one others opinions and understanding that we might not all share the same standings on politics and ethics, but again, we all strive for the same goal.
If someone has made a questionable move, or has made a mistake, bring it up to them, not in public.
Humiliation is not how we show each other respect and it is not productive. Keep your personal information a complete secret and respect someone else’s Anonymity. We are Anonymous for a reason, let us keep it that way.
Doing so will push away any suspicions of there being snitches or infiltrators.

We have no leaders or a command structure that dictates the methods of resistance.
We are your friends, your family, your neighbours and your colleagues.
We are in all layers of society and work in all professions. We are all; and we are no one; None of us is as powerful as all of us together.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us!

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