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Why I leave Cyberguerrilla?

Why I leave Cyberguerrilla?
After voxanon get controlled by admins from anonops <=LIE was never owned by AnonOps, who started acting like that place and also banning Tor<=LIE LIES only paranoia LIESSSS; After they removed my nick from their Tor list for “drama” <=word!!!, I decided to leave vox and move to cyberguerrilla.


I chose this place because Doemela is an honest anon, anarchist, and he was aware of what is happening in that places. He also had a valuable quality for me: He hates censorship of all sort.
Now I am obliged to take a similar decision and leave this place. I will not enter in speculations about what changed and why, I will only say facts that many know and everyone should know and verify.
I was the first person here to give an op status in channel to Redacor because he is helpful and welcomes every joining person. He only had a tendency to kick users when he suspects that they are bots or loggers. But by the same way, he was kicking many normal users and i received many PMs complaining of abuse. Show tits or it never happend I asked him many times kindly to verify users and pm them before kicking. This didn’t work.
Few months ago, his rythm of kicking and the number of abuse grew a lot and channels where he was oper started being almost empty, like the case at #AnonNexus, the main channel, now.
Another event occured at #freeanons: a group of persons joined and started attacking me. These persons were my friends before and i couldn’t understand their attacks, so I needed to learn more and be sure that it was really them. Furthermore, one of them was talking clearly and i felt I can understand more if I let him talking. After many kicks by RedAcor that transformed the channel on kicks/joins defiance, i talked to him in private, I spent time explaining why i need them to talk and i begged him to stop kicking them. It doesn’t work, he continued despite my numerous begging in private and in the channel.
don’t beleive a word of this
Thinking to all that, one day later, and RedAcor continuing to abuse with users, I decided for the first time since being anon to remove an axx of an op. It was a hard decision for me, RedAcor was my friend and very nice to me despite that. But my need was to save this channel, and this decision was good for it.
He immedialely transformed into enemy, insulting me everywhere, saying i am stupid, drama whore etc…. I took time explaining to him why i took this decision but without success.

Shocked by the late attacks, some weird reactions in the channel and RedAcor’s transformation, i decided to leave any IRC for ever and continued my work on the wiki.
One month later, I had to return because I was going to lose the wiki as well.
I saw this channel growing again and becoming a cool place for interesting discussions and free speech. I dreamed that oppressed anons in other places will find here the pleasure of freedom, and it was going well like that.
RedAcor was in the channel, disrupting a bit with his comment on me, but this didn’t annoy me nor other users. One week ago, he “killed” a user who was idling in the channel for 32 or 34 hours and the man explained that he idles because he was busy. I asked red kindly to respect the spirit of the channel as we put on topic that we don’t kick or ban anyone, and which was appreciated by all users. I deserved for that a start of a new war, that i ignored, until he banned me from one channel where owner invited me to join. Then our topic got removed without reason and RedAcor giving himself an op status in the channel without any reason (there were no spams or attacks).
Based in my previous experiences, I felt this will be the start of something that will not end well and I decided to talk with Doemela about it for the first time. I knew Doemela haiting abuse and he was always upset when some admins were abusing before.
Not this time! His answer was that RedAcor is only kicking loggers; and about my bans, he said that he doesn’t intervene in channels and Red was sop in that channels. I thought maybe he was not aware of abuse and I asked a user who is the closest friend of RedAcor (Luna), to confirm the abuse, which she did and was very honest in that.
As Doemela has told me that he doesn’t mind if I remove RedAcor axx or kick him from the channel, and that he doesn’t intervene in channels,
As Red came yesterday giving himself an op like a defiance after many actions showing his power, I felt disgusted of his behavior and i was wondering what he plans;
So I decided to challenge his “power” and see how he reacts and I kicked him with a message like: “no power here”.
I got a kick 2 minutes later from Doemela this time, who was not in the channel. It was a weird behavior that i never saw Doemela doing. CRYCRY I AM KICKED NOW MY LIFE IS OVER When u kick a IRCop u can expect COCK!I went to his chan and asked why, i didn’t get any answer, then RedAcor posted 2 messages from him:
you are a JOKE MAMA 8====D ~ 8====D ~ 8====D ~ 8====D ~
8====D ~
8====D ~
8====D ~
8====D ~
8====D ~
mama for you
I am not gone diccuss anything that door is closed I don’t have to explain myself
mama’s action caused my action that is my manifesto
To be sure it is him, I sent a dm by twitter and didn’t get a reply.
Things are clear for me now. This story will not end well, I have to flee before.
reap what you sow
For those who want to join me, you are welcome at AnonAustria: 2qq36v24rrhu7fml.onion #freeanons

Now do you want to carry on?

This whole pad show's who u realy are a lying drama biaach
+Machno mamy@AnonAustria bye for now, bb in few
who be your handler
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> lol ^
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> run and hide
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i've watched you spread lies, and start drama, and encourage infighting, and leak peoples personal information with my eyes so many times
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> you even spread lies about me
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> lol
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> you honestly thought i'd forget?
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> lol
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> you can't run forever, mama
+Machno> mamy@AnonAustria> haha d3v11 one of us is better known for lies ;)
+Machno> mamy@AnonAustria> including by himself XD
+Machno> mamy@AnonAustria> bbl
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> only lies i ever told you are the ones you spread when i was curious if you were leaking information
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> thanks for confirming that :-)
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i had to see a lot of things for myself, and over the years you made that easy
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> Reaper: i don't chase mama. she shows up here on purpose because feds need to be close to the action
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> and offers nothing but cointelpro
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i have seen one positive thing come from mama
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> not one useful contribution to anons
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> but i've seen years of negativity, and lies, and hate speech
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> mama says freeanons has to agree with her or its basically drama
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> and they can't get work done
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i never actually see work being done anyways
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i see a lot of people blindly trusting a fed
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> and i see a lot of drama
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> and a lot of infighting
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> and a lot of people's personal information being leaked
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> haven't seen a shred of work in 5 years though
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> if you want to see an example of what freeanons should be, a group of people doing real work you can see a good example at
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i've been looking for it to produce something worthwhile in the past several years
d3v11urcd@5dbe3de3> i've seen 5 years of horseshit and drama

Anons should try and work together towards a serious goal, not bitch on any channel just to create chaos and ineffectivness…

IRC channel log “Cyberguerrilla shows mama the door.”

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