we are going to B0mb your Netw0rk as usual MadaFacka and We will keep punishing you

Hello Government, you have failed as expected
Hong Kong was a British colony and returned control to china in 1997, when China promised to let Hong Kong be "one country under two systems". This means that we would keep our freedom of speech, protest, etc. In addition to the universal suffrage promised in 2017 (right to vote), it could happen. However, China has never kept his word and obviously rejected and justice and freedom of expression in Hong Kong. Then the honconguês always expressed regularly. These protests have become inefficient when the human rights abuses and violence became more severe. In September 2014, students gathered to raise the tone of the protests, seeking a true universal suffrage. They occupied the Civic Plaza, which should be public in accordance with the law, but the government suppressed the wrong. Some students were held in the square for 12 hours without receiving food or water and unable to go to the bathroom. The movement leader Joshua Wong was arrested his house was searched and he was denied by the courts, his bail. Many government Web sites in China suffered DoS attacks (DDOS). This type of attack is but many access requests at the same time. Today, these activists have being arrested and persecuted by the Chinese Government. Five activists have been arrested accused of causing congestion in chineses sites. All citizens should have the right to speak. Anonymous is an idea of individual and collective freedom, and mutual respect for differences and diversity. No room for hegemonies or oppression of any kind. Freedom of communication should be from the breakdown of media monopolies and encouraging alternative and mainstream media.All information should be free and be within reach of the people