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xTrinityy is a fed so be aware
Well guys i usually take my hardrives out b4 i go to bed...good thing i did...i got woke up at 3am to someone knocking on my door. It was the police...i chucked my hardrives in the fire that time they kicked my door in...they confiscated everything i had...xTrinityy is a fed so be aware...there gonna prosecute me for hacking isis sites....they call it cyber im on someones fone typing this...ghostbin wouldnt load...hide my ass vpn also logs...thatts how i got caught...fbi gave them a warrant for my info...just letting yall know guys i will not gone...i will have to lay low 4 a while...i care about u guys and yall know hu u r....its gonna be along time no talk...good luck guys and keep up the good fight...
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