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Tweetstorm Oct 24 via @PardonManning For most updated version of Tweet sheet go to: DRAFT: #PardonManning #FreeChelseaNOW ************************************************************************************************************************ “It now falls upon a tireless and restless minority to assist Manning. Only through dedicated mobilization and peaceful activism can Manning be saved. For what is at stake is not just Chelsea Manning, but the rescuing Read more » 

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Anonymous Membership form Your browser doesn’t support HTML5. Maybe you should upgrade. With filling out this form U can join Anonymous read carefully! What do I get for it? Uhhh …… Derp PENIS. What can U do or not do? Check one or more. Imma l33t h4x0r Imma l33t Tr0ll Imma bu77hur7 Imma l33t lurk3r Read more » 

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When authorities block Twitter, Facebook or other, here how u can go around blockade. Most of the time, your ISP automatically assigns a primary and secondary DNS server when your router or computer requests network information via DHCP. But what if those ISP-provided DNS servers aren’t working properly or “they” block certain sites? Ways to Read more » 

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