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There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now, We cannot wait till somebody wakes you. You are the crazy ones, the misfit, the rebel, the troublemaker, the one who see things differently. We are not fond of rules and have no respect for the statuesque, you can imprison Read more » 

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Orly? Yeah, sure you are. We all are, show us u are and place ur signature on our root. and post here in /b/ about ur great and famous l33t h4x0r skillz.

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Muhammed Al Qeeq is a Palestinian Journalist, and Correspondent & reporter at the Saudi News Agency Almajd TV Network. He has been on hunger strike for more than 85 consecutive days in protest against his being incarcerated under Israeli administrative detention (internment without trial or charge) At 2:00am on 21 November 2015, al-Qiq was arrested Read more » 

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Greetings, We are World Hacker Team. We have read some media sites claim we published innocent people data. That’s not true. We just published the biggest staff list in their databases. If there is a fault that is not our fault. That’s system admins’ fault who they still store old staff data in their databases. Read more » 

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Target: Tanzania Telecommunications Company LTD Motivation: OpAfrica Article: Leaks:: Staff List: +64000 Others: Port 6697 Channels: #freeanons #Opnewblood P.S.: We decided to stop for now because of false attacks of other teams. Thank you for love. +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ Read more » 

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Target: Download Tor to .onion sites: bethesda_PRETENTIOUS PRESS STATEMENT(Tor url) Leaks: Admin Configurations(Tor url) IDSoftware Mapped(Tor url) Brink Signups Mapped(Tor url) Arkane Mapped(Tor url) Admin Staff & Bethblog User Hashes(Tor url) Jobs Database Mapped(Tor url) Brink Codes Mapped(Tor url) Total Servers Pillaged(Tor url) Server Logs(Tor url) Rage Mapped(Tor url) Bethblog Mapped(Tor url)

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