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Anonymous is not a club or a group that you join, it is simply an idea, or a collective. Anyone can be Anonymous, all you have to do is support it. Planning protests in your local area, spreading the word/news about that particular operation, spreading information about Anonymous in general, are all examples of how Read more » 

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Error404, a member of LulzSec extract the database of the parliament of malawi for the #OpAfrica, and deface 4 government website in 1 day just fo lulz about security. Parliament of malawai : Deface : Press Release:

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Rome – The Postal and Communications Police, executed a search warrant against a sixteen year old Italian living in the Udine province: he is the head of the campaign called #Opsafepharma, recently launched by the hacktivist Anonymous movement, in which the young man was known by the “Artek” nickname. The #OpSafePharma operation was launched by Read more » 

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  Target:   Greetings World, For years, we have watched the world rail against wars, surveillance and militias while ignoring the resource corporations behind them. For years, we have watched Canadian impunity against human rights and environmental abuses worldwide. We have watched villagers murdered and terrorized globally with no recourse or accountability. We have Read more » 

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VIDEO: The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA. INTRODUCTION Imagine a world where corporations have their own justice system where they can sue any government if laws get in the way of their profits. If you think this is hard to imagine, think again. Obama is pushing Read more » 

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Or on vimeo According to all the public-opinion polls, the Dutch community is going to nay during the referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, thus ruining the perspective of signing the agreement. But the government of Ukraine is applying desperate effort to break referendum or postpone it. There’s a massive action now organized on the Read more » 

В продолжение истории со взломом почты и другой требухи нардепа от БПП и журналиста Сергея Лещенко – мы публикуем сегодня сиквел. Так как архивы были выставлены на продажу, желающих поиметь их оказалось более чем предостаточно, Но нас заинтересовал конкретный покупатель, который представлялся журналистом респектабельного западного издания. Несмотря на то что данный фрукт использовал всевозможные методы Read more » 

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E-mail account of Mikheil Saakashvili’s close friend and a member of Odessa Regional State Administration David Chantladze has been hacked. The archive with letters is available here:

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