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Le feste natalizie sono ormai alle porte e grandi e piccoli sono già da settimane alla ricerca del dono più bello da fare e da ricevere e mentre milioni verranno spesi in pasti luculliani, la cui metà verrà gettata nella spazzatura, e regali costosissimi è sempre più triste constatare come il Natale ogni anno assuma Read more » 

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Defaced sites:

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Target: Motivation: #OpIsrael Founded in 2003, Agent Vi has sales, distribution and research and development operations around the globe. The company has proven deployments worldwide in retail, airports, rail hubs, highways, education, critical infrastructure, utility, government, financial institutions and metropolitan markets. Leaks: Port 6697…&channels=freeanons http://3ur4xm2japn56c5f.onion/?nick=freeanon…&channels=freeanons +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+ |w|o|r|l|d| Read more » 

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Greetings! We are Anonymous. The continued effort of governments around the globe to censor our seven sovereign seas has not gone unnoticed. This is why we, once again, raise our Anonymous battle flags to expose their corruption and disrupt their surveillance operations. We are proud to present our new chat service residing within the remote Read more » 

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Greetings Citizens of The World, Basicly this operation is against temporary employment agencies. Evil corporations, their lobbists, unions, politicians (especially PM Matteo Renzi and Minister Giuliano Poletti) would change labour laws to enslave all workers in Italy. Simply new labour laws mean poor wage for workers, more profit for corporations and more government and union Read more » 

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In early May, the next international Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will take place in Sweden. But info on possible terrorist acts is casting gloom over the festive events. European Union Institute for Security Studies has published a report according to which Islamic terrorists plan to execute several assaults at public gathering places during the Contest. Read more » 

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Turkish hackers: Our demands have not changed. Germany must stop supplying Kurdish terrorists with weapons. Angela Merkel must apologize for German TV journalists’ attempt to insult and humiliate the Turkish nation by offending President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Recently we have gained access to the Twitter account of German nationalist Lutz Bachmann. Now we have gained Read more » 

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Target: Kenya Ministry Foreign Affairs Hackers: Anonymous In Kenya Motivation: OpAfrica, Corruption, Child Labour Confindetial Docs: http://qkjscem7kksghlux.onion/dump/KenyaMinistryOfForeignAffairs/ Server Administrators Emails:   We are Anonymous Expect US CgAn Way2Connect Port 6697…&channels=hack_africa

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