By butthurt | November 10, 2016 - 16:12 | Posted in ButtHurt | Comments Off on A #CyberGuerrillA BUTTHURT ASSESSMENT for i am the egg
A #CyberGuerrillA BUTTHURT ASSESSMENT for i am the egg
[a professional legislation by Dr. Topiary; butthurt analysis expert and part-time nigger]

Emotions that were running through i am the egg head upon butthurt.
THis stupid business guy thinks hes better than me
What initially caused i am the egg to start acting like such a faggot.
I listened to the guys speech with my dog, and now he has chronic hearing problems listening to this guys bullshit
Explanation what should happen next in order to quell the butthurt:
trump should get hacked hate that stupid facist he's gonna block porn, and he's a bigot racist , also cocks.
=[]= This ASSESSMENT is run by CyberGuerrillA, your friendly Anonymous Autonomous BUTTHURT Komintern since 2010. =[]=
Hail our Supreme, Glorius Leader Chairman Meow he was right as always! ..::: (All standup & applause …) :::..

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