By Anonymous | December 27, 2016 - 18:59 | Posted in AnonyNews | 6 Comments
Anonymous Hacks and Defaces Thai LA Consulate to Protest Arrests and Cyber Law



Motivation: OpSingleGateWay, Arrests

Leak: http://ruqay5morumo3tcg.onion/?3d3f51a83b10a50a#1LGhiVc+LC203R1+HZSzJPRugZvrRd0ntjAYY382OJ0=

PS: Leak has only names and surnames. We didnt publish other details to protect people’s privacy.


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6 Responses to Anonymous Hacks and Defaces Thai LA Consulate to Protest Arrests and Cyber Law


    please help us hack this thai mfa site. Its important one and it is in main server.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    TICA is the second server which seperate form the main one.

    The main one is
    The MFA officers told that they bought 16 million baht firewall from USA to protect the main server for hacking. The main server has many important data and MFA officer claim from news that anonymous did not hack anything because of the main one is still fine and available ( Moreover, the MFA officer has declaration to other countries that Single gateway is not infringement and legally using so, I would like to beg all of anonymouse all over the world help us to attack the website in order to make they know that single gateway is illegal and infringement.

    Thanks for all anonymous

  3. The leak for OpSingleGateWay has been deleted make another please.


    plz plz hack this site, is the most important main server for Thai MFA.

  5. Hi Anonymous around the world,

    please help us hack the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site (

    Following on 22nd December which all of you guys hack TICA. The spokesperson respond you guys hacking news.

    Quote from this news, (บัวแก้วยัน เว็บไม่ได้ถูกแฮกข้อมูลตามที่มีการกล่าวอ้าง) Translate the news in English, remarks by Mr. Sek Wannamethee Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thusday 22nd December said that from the news appear on the Anonymous attacking the MFA site. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigated and spokesperson confirmed that the main site ( is still fine and nobody hack any site which belonging to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejects you guys TICA hacking that leak data out 300 person.

    *** Form Sa-nguan Khumrungroj senior reporter told that the main server ( will be shut down on holiday 31dec 2016 – 3 Jan 2017 to protect from hackers that all officers are on their holiday.

    *****The spokesperson and MFA officers are now laughting at anonymous that they can’t hack their site. They overconfident that they has a good firewall security which cost 16 million baht, bought from USA and they receive the most large budget from Thai military junta gov to buy firewall security comparing with other Ministry because Thai MFA has many top secreat data so they confirm that anonymous can’t hack Thai MFA site.